Summing Up the Year:
сonclusions, achievements, and plans

We believe that if you sum up the year, you can motivate yourself to even greater achievements in the next one. Looking back over the past 365 days, our team, without undue modesty, can say: “We are not here to be ostentatious about our technical experience, but rather to build great technological solutions that will be widely adopted and form the basis of a sustainable business”.

We managed to succeed last year in many areas at the same time: we studied, prompted others, developed technological breakthroughs and organized events.

Let’s remember a difficult year for the whole industry but such a fruitful year for our team.

In 2018, our engineers worked productively on internal projects. Some of them we are ready to present right now:


A prototype for demonstrating the supply chain management on the blockchain. Prometheus is based on the NEM Mijin blockchain and demonstrates the real interaction of a toy train, sensors, and a private blockchain network. Each sensor is a subscriber in one (single) multi-signature transaction, which is the result of successful completion of all stages. By combining IoT (sensors on the train) and blockchain (NEM), we were able to clearly demonstrate how technological solutions can change the relationship between business partners, making it fair and transparent.

The first prototype of Prometheus is presented in the Blockchain Hub Kyiv.


Robots with built-in crypto accounts that are able to provide each other services and pay for them without the human factor intervention. The developed prototype based on the Ethereum blockchain, but it is the first version.

Other prototypes will be able to function on any other platform using smart contracts. RoboCharge is visual evidence that the economy of robots is already real.


This is a unique digital blockchain collectible card game with a lot of competitors and great visualization. You can already test the demo version of the game developed on the NEM blockchain.

We are also proud to have new partners and new discoveries with old friends.

PARTNERSHIP WITH PROXIMAX and one of the most progressive blockchain-based platforms in the world ProximaX announced the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding. This close cooperation between the parties will also see becoming the preferred integration partner for ProximaX in the Commonwealth of Independent States — CIS and Eastern Europe.


2018 will also be remembered for concluding a new partnership with the leading global agency Blonde 2.0. This agreement will allow us to provide blockchain projects with better solutions with a full range of services, both marketing and technical.

NEM WHITE PAPER IN RUSSIAN in collaboration with the NEM team presented a unique technical reference for Russian-speaking users, after reading which you will have no questions about NEM technologies and their functions.

We also managed to hold large-scale events and visit major conferences. Only in the last 6 months we have attended more than 50 conferences, and we want to tell you about several of them:

In the summer of 2018 482.solution visited HyperLedger HackFest in Amsterdam, where we talked productively with key developers of the Hyperledger Sawtooth, found out the insiders and shared our experience.

In September our CEO Roman Kravchenko and Head of IoT department Leonid Foyu-Khatskevich told about Blockchain as a DNA-protocol for the Internet of Things at Cyber Academy Dev Meetup Minsk.

In the same month, Roman Kravchenko, Leonid Foyu-Khatskevich acted as speakers at IoT Conference 2018, where they talked about the key features of the IoT and Blockchain bundles and explained how these technologies interact and complement each other.

Vladimir Malakchi, Chief Marketing Officer at visited GITEX Future Stars in Dubai in October, where he met with both colleagues and representatives of other projects, exchanged experiences with them and discussed the current industry situation.

We could not miss such a large-scale event as the Malta Blockchain Summit, of course, so the team representatives went there as VIP guests and technical experts to assess the projects presented at the summit. also acted as an organizer, and the team representatives were the technological mentors at Odessa Blockchain HackFest. Together with the WiZBL and, we chose the best team and allocated $5000 for its development.

As mentors, our experts were invited to the Global Hack Weekend 2018, which was held in the Ukrainian capital. Our specialists also helped the participants of the fifth BlockchainUA hackathon to bring their prototypes to life.

At the Ukrainian Silk Road Forum, we presented two revolutionary developments about which we wrote above (the Prometheus supply chain solution and the RoboCharge project). The team received universal recognition at the event and requests for the implementation of other IoT solutions in this niche.

One of the vivid memories is the participation of Games Gathering Conference 2018 in December, where we showed our internal developments in the Game direction, which aroused great interest among the public. We also met with other representatives of this field, discussed trends and concluded several memorandums of understanding with a number of interesting projects.

Over the past few months, our company has conducted a number of blockchain workshops for students from different universities. We talked about the work opportunities of blockchains like Ethereum, NEM, ProximaX, and EOS, and also shared insights about working with HyperLedger Fabric and Sawtooth. Representatives of our team were pleased to raise issues of IoT solutions and the development of robotics with the integration of distributed registry technology. Our experts also co-authored the scientific article “Technical Comparison Aspects of Leading Blockchain-Based Platforms on Key Characteristic”, which revealed the main criteria and methodologies for comparing blockchain platforms.

We celebrated our victories:

Competition of ideas and startups: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND ROBOTICS, acquaintance with Sophia the Robot. RoboCharge of became a winner.

And we held useful meetings:

Prometheus presentation in a meeting with Ukrzaliznytsia

The company is open to cooperation with Government on the blockchain technologies integration, so in December our team, together with NEM representatives, held a meeting in the MFA of Ukraine, where they talked about the possibilities and prospects of highly technological solutions. continues to confirm its leadership in the blockchain development market and we are very pleased that our efforts were appreciated. According to ThinkMobiles, is one of the top three global blockchain solutions development companies.

See you in 2019!

And we are determined: we have a grandiose expansion plan (next year the staff is expected to double) so that we will have the opportunity to conquer new markets, namely the United States, Asia, and the United Arab Emirates. Such global expansion will affect the growth of our affiliate network. It is predicted to achieve partnerships with ten companies.

We are constantly continuing to grow, improving our skills: in 2019 we will increase our expertise to a level in the current stacks and develop several more cases of blockchain implementation.

The team is preparing to conduct new training courses for students and politicians to get as close as possible to the state digitalization.

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