Earlier this summer, we discovered bison bones at the construction site for the Umphreville Block. (Psst! If you haven’t seen the discovery video, you can check it out here.) Wanting to learn more about this unique find, we spoke with Chris Jass, the curator of quaternary paleontology at the Royal Alberta Museum.

Chris taught us about the history behind the bones, what to do if you find a fossil and more. Watch below for the full story:

Thank you to all community and team members who came to show their support. This is a very exciting moment for The River Valley Co, the community of Riverdale and the city of Edmonton as a whole.

Click to watch the ground breaking event for the Umphreville Block on April 15th, 2019.

The Umphreville Block

The Riverdale Mixed Use building now has a name, and construction time is just around the corner.

This exciting new addition to the Riverdale community will be named Umphreville Block, in honour of Edmonton’s one-time first lady, Métis matriarch, Louise Umphreville. …

Summer is in full swing here in Alberta’s capital, and that means it’s time to get our hearts pumping and blood rushing as we enjoy all the outdoor exercise our city has to offer. After all, there’s only four months before it’s back to toques and mittens, and we want…

Our city is incredibly fortunate to have the gorgeous North Saskatchewan River running through it, and it’s no secret that (in our opinion) it is one of Edmonton’s most scenic features. While many Edmontonians enjoy the picturesque view of the river valley, some may be wondering how they can get…

During the spring and summer of 2017, the River Valley Company carried out three community consultation events with the purpose of gaining interest, insight, and engagement from the Riverdale community with regard to the redevelopment of 10158–90 Street.

We were eager to have the opportunity to hear the thoughts and…

Name: Natalie Wright

Occupation: SEO Strategist

Lived in Edmonton: 2.5 years

I find that I am pretty old school when it comes to River Valley activities, I would rather just walk around and explore than do anything else. Wandering through the River Valley on a warm day is one of…

River Valley Co.

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