Dear Community,

It's been slightly more than 2 weeks since our first quarter dividends were paid out.

We have set out to accomplish the following thus far;

  1. We are in the midst of syncing our front end to our back end for our Exchange, VeraExchange. We can expect an Alpha by mid to end July 2018. After which we would be running rigorous tests on our security protocol.
  2. We have received our first batch of GPUs, successfully installed and running about 85% of them. (The rest were either faulty or required further software configurations)
  3. We have decided to focus mainly on GPU mining expansion this quarter as equipment prices now heavily favours us. …

Dear Investor,

Thank you for investing in us during our ICO, It has been a turbulent quarter for cryptocurrencies all across the board. However, our ship is still upright and steady going through the storm.

Our team is still very hard at work. Ensuring that we keep up with our road map and hence have achieved the following from 24th Jan 2018 till now;

1. We have completed electrical infrastructures to support up to 6.75 MegaWatts of electricity for mining. This is equivalent to about 5000 rigs of 6 to 8 GPUs each.

2. We have completed the first phase of infrastructure to house our mining equipment.



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