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Q 1: What are the main technologies of IPSOU R&D language?

A: The development languages used by IPSOU mainly use Golang, Python and C++.

EOS smart contract consists of a series of actions, each action represents a contract clause and implements the specific contract rules in the clause; IPFS network designs a unique Hash for each file, which is based on Merkle-DAG addressing protocol and LibP2P (ICE NAT versal framework integrating STUN, TURN and other types of NAT protocol) to enable clients to use various NAT modes to access the network. In order to complete NAT communication. IPSOU uses IPFS…

Recently, the “Headline Search” web page version of byte bouncing search engine has been quietly launched.This is undoubtedly hostile and uneasy for Baidu, Sogou, 360 and other search engines.Although the world has suffered for a long time, Google,Baidu such a centralized search engine, but more is a homogeneous search engine, in addition to just said a few enterprises, in other areas, this matter has not caused much water.But in the block chain world, there is a search engine. …

Disclaimer: This document is the mining instructions for IPSOU test network and the expected return on revenue.

In order to ensure the stable operation of IPSOU mainline, speed up the recruitment of super nodes and the construction of IPSOU community, the IPSOU Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the Foundation) will test and run the test network, and introduce an incentive mechanism for miners participating in the test network.

Ⅰ. Certificate Mining of Test Networks

The Foundation launched IPC for testing network ecology integral during network testing and mining. The integral is mainly applied to the incentive to contribute to the…

Q1. What is the incentive mechanism of IPSOU?

A: Hash value calculation, timely mining, review mechanism, arbitration mechanism.

Q2. How do your supernodes participate?

A: The Super Node Program has been launched. For details, you can log on to the official website of IPSOU:

Q3. Where can I read the white paper?

A: Official website or public number (Abbey Search) can be viewed.

Q4. Can I buy IPSO now?

A: It can be purchased on VVBTC and TOP.ONE exchanges.

Q5. How to maximize the revenue?

A: Increase the hard disk of mining machines, increase the number of mining machines, improve the network, maintain stability, ensure the quality of hard disk, keep active, and dig in places with many nodes, such as urban areas.

The Digital Economic Application Conference and Distributed Storage Summit Forum successfully concluded at Sheraton Greater China Hotel in Shenzhen on August 11, 2019. The event was hosted by Huoxin Finance and Economics and by IPFS Galaxy Technology.

The theme of this conference is the Global Conference on Block Chain Technology Application and the Distributed Storage Summit. It mainly focuses on the development of Block Chain and the future application of Distributed Storage Technology. People gather to talk about the industry’s ecology and future.

The head of China Software Industry Association Block Chain Branch said that as a subversive technology, Block…

Q1. IPSOU engine can solve the problem?

A: The new generation of search engines is Decentralized Search. The first step is to clarify the ownership of data and solve the problem of unethical data grabbing. Then it will become a real weighty stirrer in the online advertising market and bring new forms of online advertising. Finally, a clear Token economic model to create a strong and incomparable community of interests. …

Q1. The technical content of the white paper is not very clear and there are many ecologies.

A: At present, the white paper is IPSOU version 1.0, dedicated to building community ecology. Later version 2.0 or 3.0 will show the technical content. Please pay attention to it.

Q2. What does “de-centralization” and “subversion of the Internet” mean?

A: Decentralization refers to a distributed network, unlike the traditional network, which is controlled by a centralized server, so that data is safer and more data can be stored. …

China’s Internet gene pays more attention to the “human” factor, and the transformation of “human” service mode is the primary production factor of Internet development. From free economy to service optimization, from demand response to demand satisfaction, the diversification of user interaction promotes the rapid transformation of user demand release, and the development of China’s Internet is more in progress. The national characteristics are also more subversive and vitality.

The Pain Point of Centralized Search

Nowadays, the field of information technology has entered the era of big data, cloud computing, and technological innovation of the Internet is constantly breaking through…

We are excited to announce that:

IPSOU has formally reached strategic cooperation with Pingtan LianSouyun and awarded Pingtan LianSouyun as IPSOU hardware supplier.

Within IPSOU issued the ‘IPSOU Global Hardware Supplier Recruitment Program’, IPSOU received an application from the Pingtan LianSouyun. The IPSOU Council then surveyed the company, Pingtan LianSouyun meets the requirements of IPSOU hardware technology support, and has the ability of hardware development to support the construction of IPSOU distributed network.

Following the resolution of the IPSOU Council, the IPSOU Council formally authorized the Pingtan LianSouyun to become the hardware supplier of IPSOU.

IPSOU Foundation

In the past, block chain technology was mainly applied to virtual money, but its application scope is not limited to this. For example, a decentralized search engine based on block chain technology.

In fact, the impact of search engines on our lives is everywhere, and even determines the world outlook of contemporary young people, such as Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu. But what are the business pains of today’s centralized search engines?

Centralized search engine relies on “bidding ranking SEO” for profit, which lacks the essence of serving the public.

Centralized search engine information is not efficient and can not…


IPSOU is a search engine, which is the first platform to build an intelligent distribution of search value.

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