Let’s Rebuild Our Psyche Step By Step

The mind can’t live in fear (survival consciousness) and growth (strategic consciousness) at the same time.

With the latest pandemic, there can be ‘no’ or ‘less income’ coming in through the door and it affects the extras, limits choices or … for another sector, they find themselves in full panic mode with shortness of breath.

Enclosed are a few key points worth discussing with your team or loved ones:

  1. Local Economies. With so much being outsourced in both products and supplies from the other side of the globe, perhaps this is now a time to create local production and indoor gardens to have influence over quality control. There are many opportunities to diversify in suppliers such as in where copper pipe comes from — what about buying and revamping that old factory in town to create jobs for the local community?

Each small community market is affected as this hits close to home in real world consequences with people having to change their patterns and routines. Perhaps family offices and family businesses can consider pooling their funds and investing in real things [assets], such as a lumber or food production.

Investments in gold or financial products only taste so good when food becomes limited. Come summertime, migrant workers depend on the income and farmers depend on their hands. Will local community members step up to save the produce so the supply does not go to waste?

In Ontario [Canada], baking powder has disappeared from grocery store shelves. It appears more people are now baking from home, like the good ‘ole days, compared to buying prepared foods or eating out. More of today’s youth may realize first hand how food doesn’t come from the grocery store market in the full supply chain management.

With cruise ships parked and restaurants predominately closed, the demand for avocados has decreased globally about eighty percent. Thus, the supply has now backed up.

While digital businesses allow us to serve clients and customers in different time zones remotely, our time and monetary investments may be better allocated with what is local to feel safer at this moment in time.

2. Home Education. Men tend to be the main sources of income and now, they may find themselves in either a social and mental breakdown with family members behind closed doors. Men can get blamed or shamed in the roles or archetypes that play out when they can’t provide.

Yet, with kids at home now from university or school, there is a wonderful block of time to home school them in new dialogue about what it is truly like to make a business work.

A worldly education is just as valuable as the traditional one in creating new family rituals, finding counter explanations to textbook content, or allowing young minds time to just dream with their imagination.

Sometimes, we are sold a pack of goods that we can glide through life because of a degree or education only from one or two sources — the truth is new skills are needed each year to thrive. Survival and thriving come from many, real life conversations with perspectives that challenge as well as encourage us.

3. Don’t let fear energy take hold of you. What if family businesses shifted the map by investing in or creating much needed supplies at this time, such as face masks? Many companies have relied on receiving inventory from overseas. Its time again to think on one’s feet.

During the California gold rush, Levi’s jeans sold incredibly well given the trend they supported by their business. Entrepreneurs and family business members are known for putting the energy in.

This is where mindset matters. There is more value in accepting what we can’t control so we do not spiral down with “fear stories”.

We can’t influence certain currencies being driven down by financial wars we don’t have a say in, or haven’t had a vote in from the past 20–30 years. Yes, what we can’t have certainty over will always affect us personally. Whether it is the price of oil from Saudi Arabia or bringing in medicine from Chinese manufacturers, it behooves us to unite in solutions and in resourcefulness.

Division, separation or xenophobia will only injure individuals further who are caught by surprise. The wake up call is for more people to work together to shift their focus to connection, possibilities, and contribution.

Like the other 194 countries in the world, we can choose to come together with alternative solutions so our momentum and economy won’t grind to a halt.

In any multi-layered crisis that feels deep and wide, it will retreat soon. For the moment, it can feel vacuous.

Legacy Advisor — Published with WIFB & Alliance. Inspiring the world through Personal and Leadership Development Coaching. www.angelinacarleton.com

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