Give volume to your ideas.

Example of volumatik customer’s order
“When it comes to 3D, we are bringing all interests together in one place”.

This is the main idea of the new startup, which offers all the necessary steps, to any type of customer, to go from an idea on paper to a real life product by using the latest design-, 3D-modelling and 3D-printing tools. The platform is the first in its kind to give the possibility to customers and providers of 3D-services to come together, share ideas and start projects. It is the modern vision of online design and 3d modeling services

The concept

Volumatik process steps

According to founders Adrien Chassaing and Vasily Hurynovich creating a product using 3D-services can be a complex challenge.

“Nowadays everybody knows 3D printing but not everyone knows how to get access to these tools. If you are looking to hire a design studio or 3D freelancer, the choice is limited. And the process of finding them is mostly a complicated, time and money consuming task”.

The concept is simple: optimizing the process to go from someone’s original idea to a complete 3D model with the possibility of 3D printing.

This by using the social platform ‘’, where demand and offer are brought together, customers and designers can easily join forces to create a new project.

The platform allows both parties to follow up and comment on every part of their running project but also allows all people to create user profiles, share projects and follow other users or designers.

How it works

“I have an idea of product but I don’t know how to start?”

Every project starts with a main idea coming from the customer, whether a private individual or a professional, which is submitted by using the platform ‘’. This can be a text description, a sketch, a photo or even a mood board.

Example of customer’s idea proposal

Once Volumatik receives the submission, it is then reviewed and approved for the next step of making the design concept.

“I’m not a professional how can I design my concept?”

As soon as the project is discussed and all information is processed, Volumatik will address it’s file to professionals to come up with the future’s product design concept.

Step 1: Design process from Volumatik team

The choice is given between working with a direct professional of the Volumatik team or a professional who provides its services using the ‘’ portal.

In case a design of the product already exists, the customer can proceed straight to the next step of 3D-modeling or can opt to review its design for suggestions on optimization or alternation so to get the best possible solution.

“How to convert my design into a 3D printable file? What is the 3D modeling for?”

The real fun begins with the actual 3D-modeling of the design. Hereby the approved design is implemented in a detailed 3D-model.

Step 2: 3D Modeling process from Volumatik team

By using the viewer tool on the website, the model can be viewed from all angles, so the customer can approve it and understand how exactly the final product will look like.

“I want to 3D print my model but I don’t know where, in which material and how mutch it will cost?”

The last step gives the option of manufacturing a prototype of the product, using the latest 3D-printing technologies. In this stage, the customer can choose the materials, colors, and make the final adjustments to the product.

Step 3: 3D printing/manufacturing process from Volumatik team

The team

“At Volumatik we think everybody can be a designer”

Volumatik works with in internal team of its own as well as freelance professionals around the globe.

The internal team consists of the best skilled professionals, which work for the company directly. The freelancers are approved professionals who have to pass an internal test and sign a contract with Volumatik if they wish to become a member of the freelance team. Moreover behind every project there is a project manager, which gives guidance to all parties involved, does the follow-up and is available for advice so the best possible result can be achieved.

All parties are brought together by registering at the ‘Volumatik community’ on the website. It offers professionals the chance to share skills, completed projects and build up a portfolio. Customers on the other side can explore and follow up on the work of designers they like, share projects they demanded and even sell the products they created.

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