Woices — Report sexual harassment without fearing consequences

Speak up and help your company uncover patterns of abuse — before it’s too late

What do Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Tim Murphy, Mark Souder, Matt Lauer, Woody Allen, Charlie Rose, John Lasseter, Andy Rubin, Steve Jurvetson, David Drummond, Robert Scoble, Travis Kalanick, Amit Singhal, Russel Simmons, Kevin Spacey, Uber, Ford Motor Company, 20th Century Fox all have in common?

You are right.

Sexual Harassment in the workplace — something that has impacted not just one or two or three but an unimaginable number of employees over a long long period of time. It has impacted people’s health, family, careers, futures and for organizations it has resulted in millions of dollars in lawsuit damages, toxic work culture, severe blow to the reputation and stock price and loss of ability to attract new talent.

So, if so many people were being impacted by it — why didn’t this come to light earlier? What prevented it from catching the momentum that it has in last about over an year? Reason is, ‘fear of consequences’. In most cases, employees working with or at above names chose to suffer in silence and tolerate sexual harassment in the workplace because they feared retaliation.

As per EEOC study, up-to 85% of women face harassment in the workplace, 75% cases go unreported and 75% of those who reported, faced retaliation. Even at new age and promising companies and start-ups such as Airbnb, Uber, Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon etc. 23–56% of people who finally ended up reporting incidents to HR reported facing retaliation (‘Blind’ survey 2018).

‘Fear of retaliation’ is a direct result of ‘exposure of identity’. So, there clearly is a need for ability to report incidents without fear of consequences. There clearly is a need of identification of a pattern of abuse by an individual so that timely action can be taken, employees can continue to feel safe and motivated and erosion in company’s culture can be prevented.

Woices is that solution.

Woices enables employees to report incidents to someone from top management instantly, directly, discreetly and anonymously. It also allows for anonymous chats with an executive from top management and supports attachments such as image, location, audio, video and documents. The identity of the person is hidden and hence there is no possibility of retaliation by design. Incidents against a particular person can be aggregated and pattern can be established for organizations to take a closer and serious look at someone, thus taking action in time and preventing more people from being targeted.

Woices can also be used as a platform for employees (and customers) to provide ideas, suggestions and feedback without any kind of fear or hesitation. It can be used to report abuse in social impact programs by UN, non-profits and Govt Agencies.

Cost of implementing Woices is typically 0.05% of total HR cost per employee per year. And benefits on both sides, companies and employees, are enormous.

Most importantly — Woices helps in ensuring a safe and respectful workplace, a moral and basic right of everyone and a responsibility of all companies and individuals.

Woices was featured in Forbes recently. More information can be found at www.woicesapp.com and we can be reached at info@woicesapp.com.