How to Grow your Startup

Do you own a startup? Are you stressed because it feels like everything is against you? Fear not, Chicago is a great community to start a business. Take a look at these different ways to help your startup blossom.

Accelerator/Startup Incubator Spaces

Are you tired of working remotely or from home? Want your business to be taken seriously? Take a look into Business Accelerators or Startup Incubators. Accelerators help businesses grow their customer base, and incubators house the startup as it grows. Read more about it here.

Survey Monkey

Get immediate customer feedback! This is a great way to see how you’re doing and how to improve.


Need to email your customer base? MailChimp is a great tool! It even offers you customizable templates that look a LOT better than a boring regular email format!


Use this website to help sell tickets to your customers as well as network your event to many audiences. Eventbrite helps you connect your customer base with your customers on multiple forms of social media as well as manage the event sales- including processing refunds and totalling gross sales.


Facebook is one of the most common forms of social media out there, and a great way to get your brand known. Make sure your business has an active facebook page and post often. Facebook even has a scheduling feature to make sure your posts are spaced out properly. Be sure to post at the busiest traffic times of the day, lunchtime (11–1) and evening (4–6).

HARO- Help A Reporter Out

Need some more press for your company? Sign up as a source with HARO and they will email you twice a day with reporters who are looking for specific sources and if you feel you fit the description, you can answer their queries to be featured in their articles.