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When I arrived at my parents a couple of Fridays ago I had promised to do the cooking and shopping over the extended weekend. My dad had come back from major (unsuccessful) surgery and preparing for an even more extensive operation. He had just received his wheelchair and learning to move around and managing. Meanwhile mum is anxious, worried and exhausted being the main carer.

I wanted to visit, to support and to cook.

Perhaps unusual for their generation my dad is the cook. In his younger days he worked as a chef. And he enjoys preparing the meals — although he has been challenged cooking vegetarian cuisine when I’m visiting. Mum has many creative talents but cooking isn’t one of them. So I would be in the kitchen.

Creating ayurvedic and vegetarian recipes

Despite my ayurvedic background and passion for natural wellbeing I am actually not a foodie. Many people ask me to share my ayurvedic and vegetarian recipes and I really don’t have any. So here is an example of what I cook.

Arriving Friday late afternoon I am presented with dry pasta and quorn pieces. Mum feels we can cook this for dinner. We had this before — just with the minced quorn pieces. And when I say that is it — then that is it. No sauce, no veg and aside from salt no flavouring. Although my mum did find a small bit of red pepper, celery and a bit of lettuce.

Then you have to be creative. I don’t like frozen or tinned food if I can have fresh. But they did have frozen peas, frozen mixed veg and tinned tomato paste. A bit of oregano, pepper and salt. In the end we actually managed to create something really tasty.

The next few days they experienced my cooking. I got some fresh ginger and lemongrass. Different (and new to them) spices. Fresh vegs and some mung dhal. We had it with rice one day and pasta another. On Monday night before I left dad got in the kitchen preparing and cooking the potatoes (I have a severe allergy to raw potatoes so just can not prepare them).

That’s how I cook. No recipe. Just with what ever veg I find. Some kind of companion like rice, pasta, quinoa or cous cous. Maybe some dhal/lentils. Perhaps adding some nuts (I love cashews and pine nuts).

Creating: tasty meals + aromatic essential oil blends

It’s a bit like experimenting and blending my essential oils: what do I need? What kind of base, mood, flavouring/aroma feels right? What flavours/texture/aromas work together? And what can I create with what I have? We don’t need a massive kitchen and larder. We don’t need 20 different essential oils. We just need the curiosity to have fun and allowing ourselves to be creative.

And yes sometimes we make a less tasty meal or a strange smelling essential oil blend. It’s ok.

So whether you are creating alchemy in your kitchen with vegetables and spices ~ or with your essential oils ~ try new and different combinations. Sometimes there is one main feature. Perhaps the broccoli in the kitchen. And lavender in your aromatherapy blend. Then, a sprinkle of other ingredients. Sometimes it’s a wide range of options sometimes we keep it basic. I often say essential oil blending is like cooking: you “taste” with your nose. You sense what is right. One more drop of this… or maybe adding a few drops of that. Or maybe keeping it completely simple.

As a quick update: mum is getting creative in the kitchen. She explores how I cooked and is trying new and different ways of food alchemy. Maybe she will find that her creative talents extends to the kitchen too.

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Ayurvedic practitioner, aromatherapist, yoga teacher, flower essence + self care alchemist. Founder of + Eternal student of Life

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Anja Brierley Lange

Anja Brierley Lange

Ayurvedic practitioner, aromatherapist, yoga teacher, flower essence + self care alchemist. Founder of + Eternal student of Life

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