Startup Open House Spotlight: Rise People, Vancouver

Startup Open House
Sep 24, 2018 · 5 min read
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The Rise of People

Rise People — an apt name for a company that’s re-imagining how HR works with a people-centric focus. Originally starting off as payroll company Paysavvy, the company pivoted as the market need for a more holistic HR platform grew. Now a full-suite platform that encompasses HR, Benefits, and Payroll, Rise has reinvented themselves to focus on what really matters to companies — putting people first.

With their name representing a steadfast focus on the rise of people, Rise’s business model was inspired by a big internal shift towards people management with a focus on utilizing technology for improved efficiency. For years, technology has been used as a tool to help with day-to-day tasks, but the focus now is on technology as a way of life in the workplace. How we work is changing at an incredible pace, and Rise has honed in on using tech to find great talent, and connect and engage with people throughout the employee journey from hire to retire.

Pivoting and changing the business focus is always challenging. For Rise, the reward outweighed the risk and they’ve never looked back. Originally faced with the common startup challenge of building a sustainable long-term business model in the early years, Rise has since continued to grow and innovate, working with the leaders of more than 1,000 forward-thinking companies.

“Your employees are the lifeline of your business. It’s important to make sure they’re satisfied, happy, and feel fulfilled in both their roles and the company. It’s also important for companies to provide employees with opportunities to grow and take care of themselves.”

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Putting the human back in human resources

People spend a significant amount of their day in the workplace, making a healthy work-life balance important in order to feel both content and fulfilled. Rise incorporates these values of work-life balance and healthy choices into everything they do — from supporting employees with quiet workspaces to supplying their team with a variety of healthy snack options in their fully-stocked kitchen.

Companies will see a significant increase in productivity when they are proactive as opposed to reactive in employee health care strategies. As Rise has seen not only internally, but also from others they work with, companies don’t have to worry about employees getting sick if they take care of their people when they’re healthy. People are what make your business. If the employees are well, then the business will have the support to do well.

“A strategy that companies should implement is employee satisfaction surveys to get a pulse on how employees are feeling about their work and the company as a whole. Those results should then be used to build strategic plans to further improve the company. Employees should have a platform where they can express their feedback freely and honestly, while knowing that the company is listening and taking their suggestions, ideas, and concerns into account.”

Simple, Honest & Human

In the startup environment, every day is different, and no two startups are the same. With all of the moving parts that come along with building a growing business, there are always new challenges to tackle and new learning opportunities to uncover. For Rise, this involves allowing every person to work collaboratively, autonomously and creatively, while also adapting to rapid changes in technology and their industry.

When asked to sum up the startup hustle in one word, Rise responded with “innovation”. Their team encourages people to go above and beyond what works, participate in feedback cycles, and connect with teammates through the fun team-building activities and events. Rise’s core values are Simple, Honest, and Human, and these values allow them to provide a comfortable, healthy, and happy environment for their people.

Rise is also hiring, so if you’re looking for a company with a spacious office located in the downtown core, transit and wellness subsidies, a fully stocked kitchen, and an amazing crew of people, look no further. Check out their available positions within their Client Services, Development, Sales, and Marketing departments here.

“The startup hustle is constant movement, and constant collaboration within departments. For a startup, things are always changing and evolving. There might be roadblocks along the way, but those detours could lead you to places you never even imagined. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. To really succeed in a startup, you have to possess a certain drive, adaptability, and willingness to try new things while being curious and open minded.”

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The Future of HR

More and more fast-growing companies embrace technology as a tool to empower people, leverage data, and replace outdated processes. Even with the rise of artificial intelligence across tech-based industries, Rise stays committed to a people-first approach, stating that AI compliments rather than replaces. They expect AI’s impact is to double quickly with its integration into the HR space, seeing value in its ability to support people in becoming more productive, efficient and — even more importantly — engaged in the company’s purpose.

For Rise, people are at the heart of every business. AI’s worth is helping HR professionals with the heavy lifting — from improving and streamlining operations to automating and reducing administrative work, so companies can create more time to take care of their people. And that’s just the start!

“Diversity in our company culture is huge at Rise. Everybody comes from different educational, professional, generational, and cultural backgrounds, and they bring those experiences into the workplace to enrich our team dynamic. Having a wealth of different mindsets to draw from to inform and challenge our strategies across departments only adds to our growing business.”

Register for Startup Open House and visit Rise People alongside other great startups in Canada’s tech scene!

Rise unifies HR, benefits and payroll into a simplified, personalized, all-in-one People Platform.

We’ve learned a lot by working with the leaders of more than 1,000 forward-thinking companies. It’s clear that the way we work is changing at an incredible pace, as more and more fast-growing companies embrace technology as a tool to empower people, leverage data, and replace outdated processes. Cue Rise. We’re changing the way companies perform HR functions and making it easy to build an incredible company culture. We’re a forward-thinking group that believes in building strong relationships, challenging one another, and fostering an open environment of dialogue and creativity.

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