Startup Open House Spotlight: Unito, Montreal

Startup Open House
Sep 19, 2018 · 4 min read

Revolutionizing Collaboration

Unito helps teams improve collaboration and communication by syncing projects across different work management tools like Asana, Trello, GitHub, Wrike, Jira, etc. It allows teams to customize their workflows, saves them time, and gives them practically real time updates on what’s happening in multiple projects.

When teams use multiple tools, silos often develop, since there hasn’t been a way to create a flow of information between the tools. As a result, In an effort to increase alignment some companies have turned to making sure all their teams learn to use one tool. But one tool cannot meet the needs of every department, nor should it.

That’s why Unito gives companies the opportunity to let their teams use the tools of their choice, but stay connected and aligned at the same time. By using Unito, teams are able to sync information like tasks, comments, assignees, custom fields, workflows, deadlines, and more across multiple projects. They can also filter what gets synced and what doesn’t, ensuring that only relevant information gets shared. Diversity of tools encourages diversity in companies, and Unito is the gateway.

The best part is, we practically own the market for this service. While we do have a couple competitors with related services, we are the only ones who can do what we do, the way we do it.

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From 2 to 20 in Less Than 2 Years

When our CEO Marc Boscher and his partner came together less than two years ago, Unito was merely an idea with a lot of potential. Marc met his first employee at the Founders Institute: a Montreal-based startup-launching community of entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors. It was there that Marc presented his MVP among many others, and was one of the few selected for launch.

Since then, Unito has raised 2.4 million in funding, passed seed round, and consistently got recognized as one of the top startups in the city. Slowly but surely the team started growing, and shot up to 20 talented employees in less than 2 years. The best news is, our growth is not slowing down, which means we’re actively hiring for a variety of positions.

We’re humbled by our rapid growth, but the beginning of our journey was far from what one would call “glam”. We’ve been through the tiny workspaces and spent nearly a year cramped into a small office at We-Work. Today we’re changing the project management industry from our amazing new office nestled in the Old Port. We love it here, and so will you.

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Better Together

Here at Unito we have a unique approach to leadership and structure. We’re a diverse team of humble and hungry individuals, who prefer to focus more on the quality of our work, and less on things like policies or rules. We value flexibility and autonomy and encourage our team to make independent decisions. As a result we have no hierarchy, yet we’re highly organized. Everyone has opportunities to grow, contribute, and take on challenges that they are passionate about solving, and have their voice heard.

Another key aspect of our approach is full-transparency. All decisions are made with feedback from the team. Company information, including all KPIs, challenges, and progress, is shared with everyone weekly. Even our salaries are transparent. This means there are no politics of any kind — we prefer to avoid those at all costs…

The leaders at Unito love to see their squad members grow, and they’ help them get where they want to go in the company. From training and coaching, to access to free udemy courses, one thing we promise our team is that they’ll learn a whole lot. We also provide health, dental and travel insurance, plus a $1000 yearly wellness budget for everyone on the team, which can be spent on anything from fitness to personal goals. Everyone gets 4 weeks vacation, a subsidized gym membership, flexible work hours, and opportunities to work from home.

Come Meet Us

Want to get to know one of the strongest and fastest growing teams in town? We are opening our doors for Startup Open House this year, so come say hi! Whether you’d like to join the team (if you’re looking to build something you’ll be proud of, then you’ll fit right in!), or are simply curious about what we do, this is a day you won’t want to miss. See you there!

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