Daalder Alpha released!

Today we released the first version of our headless e-commerce solution based on the popular Laravel framework.

There is still work to be done on the documentation side but where confident enough that is ready to solve real world problems. Daalder has been doing so for our customers for some time now and is ready to take on the world!

For example have a look at: https://gardia.nl to see our product in action.

Some key benefits you get when using Daalder:

  • Composer package, this means your in control.
  • Based on Laravel wich is the PHP standard. This means great extendability
  • Multi language.
  • Multi store.
  • Host it anywhere.
  • Fast. (we leverage elastic)
  • Headless.

Check out https://daalder.io for more information.

Daalder logo
Daalder logo

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Laravel e-commerce platform.

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