Only opening our business 1 year ago, we have made significant strides toward helping many people who experience pain, which negatively impacts their lifestyle. At Hemp Boca, we focus on the needs of our customers by directly working with them. When ever we are asked, “ What makes Hemp Boca different”? Well, instead of focusing on how our products are made (although important), it’s about our goals and customer service. There are many companies out there try to convince you their products are the best or #1 but in most cases, it’s all a marketing scheme. Here is why we are different!

  1. Hemp Boca is the most honest and ethical company. We are transparent and make sure all our labeling is within ethics and regulations.
  2. Hemp Boca has a direct connection to White House and we receive first-hand new regulations coming. So, what do we do? Implement them, regardless if they are regulated or not.
  3. The people behind Hemp Boca work directly with all customers. Literally! They want to know how you are feeling, help determine regiment.
  4. Price! Hemp Boca does offer high-quality products and you might think we are expensive. We are not!! In fact, our products are so pure they last longer than average. Also, having peace of mind you are using “real” organic, made int he USA products. There are a lot of synthetic, fake products and from overseas. Know what you are buying!!!
  5. Radio/TV Show, Yep, that is right! We were offered the first radio/TV show in the history of the production company and here in Florida. Very soon, we will be launching on HULU, Netflix, Amazon Video, Apple TV.

We are looking for sponsors for our show. Support us so we can continue to bring awareness to consumers about CBD benefits and join us in the fight against opioids.

  1. Cashback Rewards. We were the first in the industry to offer a true cashback rewards program for customers. Saving you even more on CBD. Why is this unique? You can use your cashback reward card in 40 + countries and at hundreds of thousands of online and retail locations.
  2. Children’s foundation is something that is very important to the owners of Hemp Boca. With your help, we can become big enough to create a foundation and help children all over the world.

Visit us at www.hempboc.com