Back to our Roots

As a new year is just around the corner, we do well to think about our next steps going forward. What should we focus on to have the biggest impact? How can we serve our community best? These are some of the questions we have been discussing within the team. And we have come to certain conclusions regarding our goals and where our focus should be. We’d like to share some of these insights with you, the community.

Having lived through a volatile crypto-2018, and witnessing the decline in the ICO fundraising game (excluding a few big key players), we knew we needed to focus on our core values and go back to our roots. At the heart of CryptoLeaf has always been “doing well and doing good” with emphasis on the latter. Empowering the green movement, that is what we set out to do. Providing access, control and power to our users throughout the world — indeed, cryptocurrencies have countless advantages over “this is how we have always done things” using fiat. The real goal is to appeal to those who are not yet familiar with crypto, but who are very familiar with environmental issues and aware of our environmental footprint. Those are the people we want in our community. With less than less than 1% of the entire world using cryptocurrencies, and with over 2000 tokens, we cannot be yet another crowdfunding platform.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain might make it possible for CryptoLeaf to exist, but the environment has always been at the forefront of our values. In that spirit, we want to introduce an additional element to CryptoLeaf:

We want to reward individuals to engage in more “green behavior”.

What does that mean? Simple. Here’s an example:

Do you ride your bicycle to work instead of using the car? Great! You already get quite a few advantages by doing so, whether it’s reducing your CO2 footprint, improving your fitness or improving your longevity. Wouldn’t it be great to also receive a monetary reward for doing so? A reward that you can either collect, share with your friends, exchange for fiat or other cryptocurrencies, or use on our very own platform?

Do you recycle? Fantastic! You’re being a responsible human being and are already helping make this planet less wasteful and more sustainable each and every day. Like we said, fantastic! What if at the same time you would also receive a monetary reward for doing so? A token of our appreciation for your commitment to a greener future. Tokens you can use in a supporting ecosystem to help crowdfund larger sustainable projects around the world.

Being part of our community would allow you to be rewarded for actions you’re already taking. We believe that being rewarded intrinsically as well as externally would drive internal change as well. Whole communities can get together and be rewarded for taking action. Whether it is picking up plastic on beaches or streets, or starting green initiatives around the world.

We want CryptoLeaf to be for everyone, not just those who are familiar with cryptocurrencies. If we truly want to build a platform which provides access to everyone to contribute to sustainable green projects, we have a responsibility to get our message out to as many people as possible, cryptophile or not.

Usability and community will be our big focus going into this new year 2019. With that in mind, we are also seeking out partnerships with communities, companies and non-profits who share our values. In doing so, we will also rework our Green Paper and road map to reflect these additions.

More announcements on this will be made soon, with many more announcements to follow into the new year 2019.

If you support the environment, we welcome you into our community. Join us!