Finding Best Restaurants in Vancouver for Asian Cuisine

Lotus List
Jan 9, 2018 · 3 min read

Living in Vancouver, we sometimes take for granted how spoiled we are in terms of our selection for food — especially when it comes to Asian cuisine. Whether you are driving down Kingsway, or frolicking along Granville St, there’s always something to choose from!

The issue that stems from this basic fact is that we might have too much selection. As a result, us consumers are faced with an economical dilemma constantly: Where should we go eat?

This basic question, though trivial at first glance, is profound in nature.

This is because there are so many factors and variables at play here when we are trying to make a decision — does this place take cards, can this place accommodate groups, is there parking available, etc… On top of this, we have contingent requirements as to what cuisine we are craving at the time being.

Of course we have Google Maps, Yelp, and Trip Advisor to guide us in our decision making. The only caveat here is that it’s truly not specialized in Asian cuisine which can sometimes leave us astray. This is where Lotus List comes in…

Lotus List is a local Asian directory of the best restaurants in Vancouver with a focus on Thai food, Vietnamese food, Japanese food, and Korean food. Our filtering option lets you choose the occasion or cuisine with mere clicks of a button — allowing you to find the place best suited for you.

Let’s see how easy it is to use.

Filter on specific cuisine

Filter by keyword, or tags

Filter by Occasion

Regardless of which filtering method you utilize, you will be directed to the results page. On the left side, you will see all the best Asian restaurants in Vancouver organized in cards. On the right hand side, you have an interactive Google Maps view for you to visually see the restaurant.

If you click into a listing, you will be directed to the respective restaurant listing page. Click here for an actual sample of a listing page.

This is where you can find all the relevant information you need to assess whether this will suit your needs. You will see photos, other recommended selections, listing tags (cozy, serves alcohol, etc…), the category of the listing, and hours of operations.

If you want to query further, you can click into any of the listings featured under the ‘You Might Also Like’ section. This will show you other restaurants that fit that share the same category (like Korean).Or better yet, you can click into a listing tag (like: Serves Alcohol) to find a full list of Vancouver’s best restaurants that abide to that tag.

Now if you still aren’t sure where to go… why not check out the blogs. Lotus List partners with local foody influencers so you are always up to date on the latest food hype. Here is an example of a sample post from one of our bloggers.

We wish you the best on your journey in finding the best restaurant in Vancouver — Asian specific of course!

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