Actress Romy Teperson talks importance of sharing untold stories in movies

Romy Teperson

All of Romy Teperson’s favorite memories as a child involve entertainment and performing. Whether it was her grandfather coming to watch her as Anne Frank in a play, or her grandmother holding her on the couch while they spent their Saturday night marathon watching episodes of Murder She Wrote, or diving off the stairs with her brother during a dance rendition of Grease, she was always captivated by the performing arts.

“I feel acting is both a noble and important profession. People tune in to a show, or a movie, for a myriad of reasons. They are coming to you for comfort, for relief, for deeper understanding, for reflection. We learn and feel so much from watching performances in these mediums, some of which leave lasting imprints in our lives for years to come. To be able to be a part of that, and provide that for people, is remarkable to me,” said Teperson.

Teperson has come a long way from that little girl putting on shows for her family, and now is an in-demand actress in Australia and abroad. She has worked on countless acclaimed productions alongside Hollywood’s most recognizable stars, from Busy Phillips’ late-night talk show Busy Tonight to a national iPhone commercial campaign with Cuba Gooding Jr.

Last year, Teperson once again showed audiences around the world what she was capable of with her work on the movie Devil’s Cove, a modern day “Thelma and Louise” style adventure. The film follows the tale of Toni and Jackie, an interracial couple, who lead us through the aftermath of a committed murder. As they try their luck on the run, we learn that they not only have to flee for their lives, but from the people in their past that still haunt their present day.

“I loved being a part of a film that told a story from a completely female perspective. I also loved being a part of a film which didn’t shy away from telling the story through a lens often not seen, through the eyes of an interracial lesbian couple, both of whose stories’ are far too often left untold,” said Teperson. “It’s also a story which delves into deep subject matter so relevant for today. The film hits us with issues we otherwise wouldn’t be so carefully talking about: abuse in a multitude of forms. From abusive relationships, physical abuse, emotional abuse, abuse of power, abuse of trust, abuse of the law. It makes us question how far past the line in the sand, is the point of no return? Is taking the law into your own hands, even if of gross proportion, justified if it is in direct response to such manipulative pain and corruption?”

Teperson played Maria Teowitz in the film, a tough, to the point, facts driven character. She is the audience’s guide throughout the film, helping them decide ultimately who to trust. Teperson was ready for the role, as high-powered no-nonsense characters are where she is most comfortable. Maria was the ideal character, because whether she is jumping headfirst into danger, or confronting these dark characters at all costs, nothing is above her pay grade. It is because of this that Maria gives the audience access into parts of the story that we otherwise wouldn’t be privy to see. Where ruthless characters try to bury and hide, Maria comes right back in and blows the lid off it all. As Maria follows the pair of perpetrators through their bitter escapade, it is through her that we ultimately reveal the truth of the crime committed. The role was extremely vital for the success of the film, and Teperson more than surpassed expectations.

“Romy is an absolute force to work with, and the reason why myself and many of my colleagues choose to work with her time and time again. I have worked with her now on more than one project, and I would choose to work with her again any day of the week,” said Producer Ron Althoff. “Romy is adaptable to any film making set up. A few of her scenes were alone in front of a green screen. It takes an actor of extraordinary ability to pull off a scene that is simply them alone, straight to camera, no other actors or props in sight.”

Devil’s Cove premiered at the New York International Film Festival, where it was also nominated for best film. Following the success of its premiere screening, it was screened at Laemmle Theatres throughout Los Angeles. The success of Devil’s Cove transitioned onto the small screen as well. Picked up by Amazon, available on its on-demand streaming service, the film also saw DVD release nationwide, with sales through the likes of Best Buy, Walmart and Barnes & Noble.

“It is humbling to be a part of such a commercial success. Not just for myself as an actor, but for the stories that were told, that allow so many to identify with. I remember growing up watching movies which made such a profound impact on me during whatever I was going through at the time, and resonated with me in such a way that they left a lasting lifelong impression. I feel grateful to be a part of a film that gives others the opportunity of that same experience, or who feel their story until now had not widely been told.”





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