Li Li promotes healthy and active lifestyle through art direction

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Li Li working on a photoshoot

From a young age, Li Li spent her life travelling the world. Born and raised in Taiwan, she was often going place to place, immersed in different societies and ways of life. This allowed her to see the world from a unique perspective, and as an artist, she was inspired by every different culture she was exposed to. Such an immersive upbringing only fueled her desire to create visual content that would captivate the masses, and she has spent her life dedicated to that vision.

“I’ve always loved drawing and creating artwork. My background, practice, and training have really drawn me into wanting to discover more in art and design,” she said.

With her work helping build new brands and drive revenue for business, Li has become a celebrated Art Director. She uses her extensive knowledge of art, design, fashion, and business to help establish companies like Only in Beverly Hills, EvelynH Jewlery, and Light Legion.

My style of art is definitely very minimal. I do like to play with patterns and textures from time to time, but I can see myself as a minimalist. I love to get my inspirations from films, series, and runways,” said Li.

Another brand that Li has worked closely with throughout her career is the lifestyle company Neon Beige. Li took a great interest in fitness years ago, and personally does Pilates, barre, and boxing. When she heard of Neon Beige, which offers very unique athleisure, she found the idea fun and playful and thought that it would be interesting to work on its marketing content. The founder, CJ Franco, found Li on Instagram. Franco loved the aesthetic of Li’s content and reached out for help growing her company.

“I like how the company collaborates with influencers. It is a very effective way to grow a business. The company sends out outfits to popular influencers every month for them to test the athleisure. It’s also a good way to see if there’s anything you’d need to improve on your products. CJ has built great relationships and connections throughout her modeling career and it turned out to be a great way to reach out to her audience,” said Li.

Working with Neon Beige was a wonderful experience for Li. She found Franco to be very open-minded and was given the freedom to try different things on the campaign, whether experimenting with the theme of the photoshoots or the direction of the website and social media. Li also retouched a lot of photos from various shoots herself, as she is very detail oriented and knows how to present models and products in an ideal way.

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The initial line had a total of twenty unique activewear pieces made with high-quality fabric. The important part of Li’s role was to maximize the potential of the line. She therefore shot both in a studio and outdoors, and then marketed her work on social media. However, rather than bombard people with the products online, she created a lifestyle for the brand that consumers could follow and get attached to, imagining themselves leading similar lives and therefore not just wanting, but needing the product. Her vision proved a success when profits rose substantially.

“I love working with fashion brands since creating fashion editorials is one of my passions. Also, during recent years activewear has been essential to our everyday wardrobe. People wear leggings for different occasions not just limited for exercising. People are more aware of the comforts when it comes to clothing. I really appreciated the idea and just loved to contribute,” she said. “It’s very fulfilling especially working with startups and it’s very rewarding to see my work running in ads.”

You can follow @ShopNeonBeige on Instagram and Facebook to see Li’s outstanding approach to art direction and advertising. You can also follow Li at @li58li and check out her website.

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