What’s the Tipping Point for an artist crossing the boundary from one culture into others? In other words, what exactly allows some artists to connect with different people who originate from a dissimilar background, history, and social demeanor than their own? The Beatles were loved everywhere; in fact, they achieved major superstardom in the US before the same fandom became widespread in their homeland. Madonna plays to crowds just as big in Asia and Europe as in America. Canadians like Celine Dion have done years of residencies in Las Vegas. There is an undeniable quality that certain music artists possess which allows them to be more than national treasures, they become universally beloved. A new artist who seems to exhibit this quality is Mexico’s Andie Sandoval. It’s likely that one vital ingredient to the success of Sandoval and the aforementioned icons is the ability to both write their own songs and deliver them with the passion and intensity that only the author can so authentically convey. While she has written hit songs for other artists (“Invencible.” for renowned Colombian singer Arevalo, “Adore” for Chinese music artist Z.Tao, and others), her decision to step forward into the spotlight and deliver her music in her own style has resulted in resounding accolades throughout the music community. As the US and other countries begin to open their ears to Sandoval’s work, this artist is contemplating her next move onto a larger international stage.

To use a sport’s analogy, a singer in a band is like the Center on a football (soccer for Americans) team; you are allowed to shine but the make-up of your team members is what your success hinges upon. Andie’s career resembles more the path of an Olympic diver; alone with all eyes upon her…do or die. That’s a fitting phrase because being a singer/songwriter/artist has always been make or break for Sandoval. From her earliest days as a young girl in her homeland of Mexico, she was singing traditional songs as age six. She quickly assimilated her style to that of the pop music singers she heard on the radio and has often been compared to; names like Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Aretha Franklin…even Taylor Swift. There’s always been a soulful quality to Sandoval’s style, while also containing a catchy melodic sensibility. She was drawn to the music hub of Hollywood and attended Musician’s Institute there, winning the “Artist Development: The Show” with her original compositions.

Many famous artists received their first accolades in the music business as a songwriter before making the move to artist in their own right. Everyone from Paul Anka to Carly Simon to Prince has penned compositions for other popular artists and Andie is no exception to this. While he is not a marquee name in the States, Z. Tao is an internationally renowned rapper/singer-songwriter/actor most known for his time as a former member of the world famous Korean boy group EXO, and its Mandarin language sub-unit EXO-M. With “Adore”, Sandoval gave Z. Tao one of his biggest hits. The romantic 2016 single was the #1 charting song on the YinYueTai V Chart for three weeks and achieved major commercial success for Z. Tao. Beyond writing the song, Andie worked closely with this artist to provide creative input during the production of “Adore.”

Proving her worldwide influence and talent, Sandoval penned the tune “Invencible” for renowned Colombian singer Arevalo. This downtempo piano ballad was sung by Arevalo and Everett Gabriel and produced by Latin Grammy-nominated producer Andres Torres. Andie composed the music and lyrics to “Invencible” and also worked with Arevalo to explain and reinforce the emotional idea and meanings that inspired the song for her. Another commercial success for both Arevalo and Sandoval, the song continues to garner massive listenership on Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes.

Guatemalan born/LA based singer Stephanie Zelaya was the beneficiary of Andie’s talents on her album “Es Un Viaje” (Is A Journey). A notable artist and singer in her own right, Zelaya professes, “Andie was a crucial songwriting voice and asset to the success of my album Es Un Viaje. Her incredible songwriting ability allowed me to reach emotional high points that had previously been unattainable for me. An artist might wait their entire life to find the songs that allow them to create a bond with their audience, Andie has done that for me. The album was distributed internationally across music platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, and others. It received reviews and press recognition from some of the most widely recognized music publications. I could not have earned the same glowing reception I did following the release without the gift of her songs. Her work is truly a thing of beauty that I feel was made for me. That’s part of what makes her so magical; she’s a one of a kind songwriter that makes both the artist and the listener feel as if the song is speaking directly to them.”

Sandoval is ecstatic that her songs (which are her children) have made so many people and artists happy. Still, now moving toward making a bit of herself happy…she has been focusing on furthering her own career and style as the face or rather, the voice of her own music. In June of 2014, Grammy Award winning Producer John Shanks selected her song “Trouble Magnet” as winner of the Original Song Challenge. Encouraged by this, Andie wrote “Gold in the Sand.” The song became an instant international smash. On China’s music video website YinYueTai, “Gold in the Sand” spent five consecutive weeks on the Top 50 Chart, achieving #1 status. The site which boasts over 500 million users gave an immense platform of exposure to this debut song from Sandoval’s upcoming release. This prominence also led to many music publications (such as Korea Boo, Braxton, JK Pop, Artist Trove, Farewell Spring and others) lending critical praise to “Gold in the Sand” and expectation of Andie’s forthcoming offerings.

One of Sandoval’s more recognizable admirers is musician/producer/TV star Randy Jackson. While the majority of the public may know him as one of the mainstay judges of American Idol, Jackson is one of the pillars of the American music industry. He declares, “Gold in the Sand has established Andie at the very top of her field. This is only possible for someone of immense talent and an elite in the music industry, a position that Andie continues to cement today. I’ve worked with some of the greats in the music world from Journey to Jean Luc Ponty, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Roger Waters…countless iconic platinum selling artists. I could not more whole heartedly vet Andie’s abilities as a true artist. She has the real stuff!”

Andie Sandoval is currently in production of two EP’s with Ekko Music Inc.