Facts on AIH and facial recognition

Facial recognition can be used ethically… Here is what we are doing:

In light of the recent news reports on Clearview AI and the practice of unauthorized scraping of social media contents, I’d like to clear the facts about AIH and our application of facial recognition technology.

AIH does not source, store, and make use of any public data, or any data that infringe on individual privacy rights, for any purpose. AIH is committed to support ethical applications of facial recognition.

We believe facial recognition, just like any cutting-edge technology, can be used for the benefit of our communities. We have deployed our algorithm in senior homes for the purpose of preventing seniors living with dementia from going missing. We are working with automated financial services providers to prevent identity frauds in large-value financial transactions. We have engaged in discussions on the application of facial recognition in victim identifications in long-term missing persons case and unidentified human remains, child pornographies and human trafficking cases. Additionally, AIH and its partners have engaged in discussions on the potential application of facial recognition in pain detections for patients who have lost communications abilities.

AIH has put in place a vigorous process of screening enterprise partners for the application of our proprietary algorithm. We regularly engage in discussions with advocates, legal scholars, law enforcement professionals, and politicians regarding the ethical application of the technology.

We are actively seeking collaborations and dialogues with community stakeholders, advocates, and lawmakers, to put in place rules and guidelines on how facial recognition technology is to be utilized in Canada.

If you wish to know more about how AIH is applying our facial recognition technology, please email me: <ben.su@aihtech.ca>. I welcome all conversations on the ethical and responsible application of AI.

Apply our state-of-art computer vision AI to solve real-world problems.

Apply our state-of-art computer vision AI to solve real-world problems.