I didn’t mean to do it; Brian Rose made me pull the trigger

I can still remember the day and time very clearly, it was Monday September 18th 2017 and the time, 8:19pm.

I had just settled down after an extremely long and tiring day when she burst in unannounced and started shouting at me again.

This time it was so more much louder than usual.

How dare you? What do you think you are doing! Stop reading that email straightaway and shut your computer down now!

I sat completely still and frozen as my inner voice proceeded to scream and yell at me, refusing to let me get a sensible word in edgewise.

I started to shake and was so afraid but knew I had to do something before she overpowered me.

I looked over at my husband and our eyes met. We held each other’s gaze for what seemed like eternity. Then he slowly said, “Bridget, do you remember what Brian Rose told you?”

“Bridget you need to pull the trigger. You need to sign up to that course now”.

I opened my mouth to say how I couldn’t do it, how the kids needed me and how I didn’t have enough time to spare.

But before I could utter a word he put his hand into his pocket and pulled out his credit card and said,

“Oh for goodness sakes woman just do it, sign up to the London Real, Business Accelerator before you talk yourself out of it again.

So I took the credit card been offered me, and in the words of Brian Rose, I pulled the trigger and signed up to the eight week Business Accelerator that has changed the course of my life.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that it would be humanly possible to start and launch a business, let alone make money from that business in eight short weeks. But it has happened.

After eight intense weeks of being tutored by Brian Rose and his team, Girl Uninterrupted has been born and IT IS THRIVING!

So what started out just as an innocent association with London Real has led me down a path of no return. But you know what? honestly, I wouldn’t ever want to return to life before London Real, Brian Rose and the Business Accelerator.

Why? because it was a life of fear, procrastination and no action.