Reality Check for Political Tramps Like Me

Two former intel officers connect the dots.

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern

A blistering cold January night lingers like a frostbitten dream in a somewhat surreal holiday cocktail mix of all the political turmoil of 2017, with the toasts of hope, and projected wonderings about the fate of the year to come. In getting back on the horse this week, I did a bunch of inconsequential things. I wrote poems while keeping a cold at bay. I rescued Prince, a kitten, from the plummeting cold (and now listen to its teensy claws scritch-scratching the floor below me as it tortures a faux-fur mouse). I cooked and delivered almond-crusted pork chops with cider sauce and skirt steak with chimichurri to a family in NYC. I brought in the New Year singing and playing an anatomically accurate (brass boobs) washboard at the Tribeca Grill with members of Bruce Springsteen’s Seeger Sessions Band, of which I am one. Having just turned 65, I said goodbye to 2017 with a sigh, wondering if the kids were alright, the ones who are doubtlessly going to have to ride the rails and reinvent freedom as I once imagined it.

I sit here at my keyboard feeling a little dopey and hollow. I don’t write resolutions, because I am above all that, knowing I will break them. However, I continue to feel some kind of obligation to the world at large. You see, deep down I have this treasure trove of desire in my heart to expose corruption and bring to light the sins of the ruling class the populace at large seems determined to deny.

The powers that be have not only my country but the whole world in a visibly Orwellian half-nelson, interminably bedeviling our lives without signs of relief or significant repair. And because I am not a historical genius, I shut up. I’m not even an avid reader of the political fictions one can snatch easily from mainstream media. For this I am often shouted down with useless facts others have industriously gleaned to sate the desires of those with a knack for picking representatives who can win, whether to right, left or center. Will any of this win us hope?

What hope is there when all of the true mandarins of our government have been silenced or banished? Won’t we just continue with the illusion of democracy and tacitly subscribe to the same thing we’ve been enduring since the beginning of time? War after war after war. Disaster capitalism. More money stolen from our government to stage more secret military installations that the public must not know about. Is hope a viable posture when the message that no matter how hard some citizens work to form alliances to right the wrongs of humanity, the industrialist war machine prevails, impervious to the human life and biological welfare of all living breathing organisms on earth?

So let me invite you in on a little inside affair of mine, a page from my “secret life.” I recently took in a truckload of information along with a checkered audience of a couple hundred citizens of a wide range of ages, mostly Americans, but a Chinese man here, and a Russian gal there. We attended a talk in New York by William Binney and Ray McGovern, two former intelligence officers who have devoted their whole adult lives to getting information from reliable sources, and who pay attention to — but don’t rely on— mainstream media outlets that kowtow to advertisers and the ruling class.

NSA official-turned-whistleblower William Binney

Binney, a high-level official with the National Security Agency (NSA) for 36 years, and McGovern, who served as a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) analyst for 27 years during which time he chaired National Intelligence Estimates and prepared the President’s Daily Brief, have a group called Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS). And guess what? Binney and McGovern say the so-called DNC hack was, in the technological terms that have been widely conjectured, no way possible. Do you think the NSA’s core genius mind that founded Thin Thread, a program successfully designed to satellite-spy on every single human’s activity on earth and beyond, might have an opinion about Russiagate that’s worth considering? Binney quit the NSA in 2001 to oppose deep civilian exploitation that lacked the privacy protections he had developed. Ironically, a component of Thin Thread was deployed after 9/11, giving credence to the argument that the attack might have been prevented if Binney’s system had not been rejected.

Sigh. If I were a grand celebrity or public figure who could cheese info from “smarter people” in high places around me, would I oppose them if I knew some real truths? Or, would I remain silent lest I lose my stature? A dream of truth rising? Can something that noble survive?

This is a seeming aside, but I’ll cite it as an example of our status quo complacency about this war thing. This morning I was really gobsmacked by an interview in this month’s Rolling Stone with Bono of U2 fame by Jan Wenner. I do not mean to pick on him, but he definitely stands out as a worldly in-the-know pop star of enormous influence. A few paragraphs were devoted to Bono’s musical life, his bout with and escape from throat cancer, his various charity operations (which have gone on without Bono’s hands-on participation) and a ton of personal yada yada.

Then came the inevitable political discussion. It started with talk about Bono’s meetings with political luminaries such as the French president and his wife. He then waxed adoringly about his friendship with Obama. Then, as a pleasant aside, he even gave honorable mention to the “tempered” George W. Bush who is now doing paintings of wounded warriors — the ones who fought in the war he perpetuated while in office. Here, in a Rolling Stone article, Bush is just about exonerated by a famous and idolized rock star. Bush, a man responsible for untold numbers of calculated and senseless deaths and post post-9/11 torturing. Hillary was not mentioned. Tactful.

In the same article, Trump and Trump alone is demonized throughout as if the whole world rests on the demolition of his very presence and nothing else. No other corrupt superpower receives a crack of light. Someone’s paycheck evidently relies on such omissions. I have to rest my cakes.

Wait a minute. It’s 2018 in America. I am not a journalist, and I don’t know the tricks of that honorable trade whose monitoring I see as a survival imperative lest the “ruling class” leave us regular folks in the dust with tin cups. Wow, here I am using the term “ruling class.” What’s wrong with this picture? Weren’t we supposed to be a republic? Don’t we have a Constitution ensuring us that our elected leadership would be taken to task by the press, people who would go to the ends of the earth to procure fresh, if bloody and dark, living breathing truth to us in palpable chunks for our higher understanding of truth about what is going on in our communities as well as globally?

Well, Binney and McGovern say you don’t have to love Trump to love the U.S. Constitution. So what about the possibility that the DNC concocted the Russian hack story so they could have a nice fat reason to dump Trump? I don’t know if the outspoken intel dudes are right when they contend what the Russians are accused of doing is a fantasy. They are the experts, not me. But if they are right, does impeaching Trump based on a lie make the world a better place? Can democracy, a foundational hallmark of our society, survive many more corruptions this deep? Why is it necessary to stoop so low, if the truth really is that Trump is a demon seed mutinying on a high sea of flaws? Can’t we find some honest reasons to put some new unscathed people in power and stop the bullshit?

I have to know this farce means something else, something that Americans really need to understand at this time in history, even if it requires an extraordinary effort. Which it does. The deep state, a profoundly nefarious cabal that lords over all of us in the guise of a republic, is at war with the People. Our puppets, our elects, are all pre-kicked in the kneecaps by the time they hit office. Let’s face it, what’s really happening is a Stasi-like operation. They make the Godfather look warm and fuzzy. No pasta first.

Trump, the unlikely accidental president may be the only one left standing. He froths at the mouth, says and does preposterous things, but he is swinging like a madman, down-and-dirty Captain Bligh-style, and he is exposing media stars as frauds. If he accomplishes just that one thing before the righteous come to hang him high, at least he has done that, and it’s been a long time coming. If not for the White House physician deeming him mentally fit after assessing Trump’s cognitive functioning at the patient’s request, the counter-mutineers would doubtlessly have recruited a team of well-chosen psychologists to stick him in a rubber room for some shock treatments. They will still try to take him down by some comparably evil means, and they will probably succeed. We will then return to the big cover-up, the extended denial, and the wars. We’ll pretend that we still have a working Constitution, and that our country is run by representatives that We the People elect.

When it comes to discussing politics with 99.9 percent of my friends, I often find myself to be a tongue-cut sparrow. What is this disease of the soul, this quantum psycho-social paralysis? Like a blind hog finding an acorn, even I can see this problem waiting to be solved. We cannot look to our president, or even to our local representatives. We have to look to ourselves. We forgot our body.

There is a war, my American friends, going on right now for our collective soul. It’s going on over your heads and under your noses. If you can’t see or smell it, it’s because the tyrants who rule the world are essentially invisible. So we must also allow ourselves to be informed by our nation’s righteous whistleblowers, who have been ignored or cast as pariahs by the media. Why, after all, would a group such as VIPS exist but for extreme needs in exceptional times? Please give some time and energy to considering the fruits of their relentless efforts to snuff the real perpetrators of national crimes out of their hidey holes. These are men who, in the fog of media-enabled wars, are making it possible to connect the dots. Are you still passively watching that tube? Well stop it. Freedom starts with remembering to desire it.