Official Btccredit Private Sale Announcement

Apr 29 · 3 min read

Wow! we are extremely overwhelmed by the community that has showed their growing interest in the BTCC project in the past few weeks. The unstoppable member list in our Telegram has reached to 500+ members in very short span and still growing. Dedicated followers have also connected us on Facebook and Twitter, 200+ followers there.

With such interest from the community and investors, we are very proud to announce the dates for our private sale to start on 30 April. The private sale will last for 10 days and will end on 10 May 2019.

We are developing one of the hottest Blockchain projects for the future and encourage you to follow us in our journey to create the best crypto p2p lending platform that will help the masses.

Private sale details

We listened to our community and investors and thus tried to keep the prices for the token very moderate so that maximum people around the world could benefit and get chance to join this journey.

The private sale price will be $0.05 for 1 BTCC token. It is 50% discounted price of the final ICO price.

The minimum purchase allowed is 200 tokens and maximum is 200000 tokens. All purchases should be done by depositing ETH to the smart contract address provided. The sale will be carried out in the official telegram group(link in the bottom) for private sale and in no other platforms.

The token allocation will be done according ETH market price respective to

Please note that do not deposit ETH from any exchanges. Tokens will be transferred to the address from which ETH received to the contract.

Since our platform will serve the global users, we encourage the investors from around the world to participate in out token sale.

About Btccredit

BTCC solves the problem of Global Parity Of Interest rates (IRP) and has developed an ecosystem of p2p lending and borrowing. The system doesn’t restrict citizen from any country to borrow or lend funds via cryptocurrency. Btccredit will be like a crypto bank which could be decentralized and yet provide all the facilities that a traditional bank offers. Just as the traditional banks function, BTCC will function as a bank that supports only cryptocurrencies and will provide all the services provided by a traditional bank. These include retail and institutions in crypto, P2P and C2P lending, along with indexes that act as investment instruments.

Uses of BTCC token

BTCC as a medium of exchange
By using BTCC Token as a medium of exchange the System fees for borrower will be 0%

BTCC as Collateral
By pledging BTCC token as collateral, 75% of LTC can be borrowed.

BTCC as Reward
Rewards will be given on successful handshake to both the parties when EMI is paid by the borrower.

Official Telegram group for private sale:

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