The exciting journey of 3 friends to a Blockchain startup!

5 min readApr 29, 2019

The old question “Is it in the database?” will be replaced by “Is it in the Blockchain?”

Blockchain is going through an interesting wave of adoption where startups are using it to provide new decentralized form of solutions.Like many other traditional corporate, Big Banks and financial institutions have always taken advantage of asymmetric information to profit off of depositors and borrowers. Envisioning a sustainable solution to the problem of Interest Rate Disparity, 3 passionate entrepreneurs stumbled upon the idea for BTCCredit.

Founders with investors at Dubai Blockchain Event

Shrirang Muley, Mayur Shrivastav and Kirankumar Kapure have been exploring the blockchain technology since last 3 years.

Shrirang Muley, the CEO of Btccredit, is a serial entrepreneur turned from being a computer science graduate followed by an MBA. By skills, he is a hustler and talent manager. He started his first business in 2014, and as founder and CEO at CGPL, he has worked relentlessly to ensure that CGPL sustain and scale new heights. It was during this phase when he faced a cluster of hurdles in money lending process. His experience with banks for loans were much more difficult than running his business operations. This frustration led him to think of alternative ways for the problem. And eventually he started Btccredit with his two long time friend and colleagues, Mayur and Kiran.

Shrirang has over 10 years experience in Fintech domain where he had worked with prominent MNCs like IBM, Convergys and Justwebsite. Along with his technical expertise and entrepreneurial vision, he brings ethical leadership, diligent planning and operations necessary to sustain BTC Credit in the FinTech Industry. Shrirang is also an active investor and advisor, whose VisioNext Enterprises is dedicated towards consulting and seed investing in early stage start-ups. Having such exhaustive and multidimensional work skills, his colleagues also call him simply Champ. He can often be found in local startup meetups or hackathons, meeting with young entrepreneurs and innovators

Mayur Shrivastava has an extensive experience in business operations and work force management. He is a graduate in Commerce. He has spent several years in workforce management for various global organizations as IBM, Veritas, Convergys. What brings Mayur to the project is his enthusiasm to create payment systems like Bitcoin and his innovative style of creative thinking, i.e. structural idea to use blockchain for financial services. He has been responsible for developing the business plan for the company that includes details of their products and services, the forecast for sales, price ranges, and develops the promotions and sales advertising needed to market the company’s product lines.

Kirankumar Kapure is a Computer Science Graduate, provides the technical brains behind the whole operation. He started his career at a startup, Bharat Software, and has over 11 years of experience experimenting in various technologies, designing architecture for new products. He has worked in the Augmented Reality domain in companies such as PTC and Oberthur. It was here, while he worked with Digi wallets, that his passion for cryptocurrencies evolved into more than just an interest. For the past year, he has been working at CorpCloud Services to shape up and perfect their ambitious new project, BTC Credit.

BTCC solves the problem of Global Parity Of Interest rates (IRP) and has developed an ecosystem of p2p lending and borrowing. The system doesn’t restrict citizen from any country to borrow or lend funds via cryptocurrency. Say a country A offers interest rate of 8% per annum on traditional finance, a person who needs the loan, can come on Btccredit platform and search for a peer who is ready to lend funds. Now they both can mutually agree to fix for a particular interest rate and other terms. And the borrower gets the funds at the comfort of his home. Can it be any better experience than this? We ensure that at the backend everything works just as smooth as it could be. Users fund protection is at the top most priority for the company.

BTCCredit is not only a P2P lending solution; it’s a banking ecosystem.With the team’s expertise and experience in the Fintech domain, they decided to create a crypto bank which could be decentralized and yet provide all the facilities that a traditional bank offers. Just as the traditional banks function, BTCC will function as a bank that supports only cryptocurrencies and will provide all the services provided by a traditional bank. These include retail and institutions in crypto, P2P and C2P lending, along with indexes that act as investment instruments.

Since the inception of the idea and start of the work, there has been a number of hurdles that always looked like a stopping stone, but the team’s staunch motivation and belief in each other outpaced every single hurdles. Being in an industry which is still in it’s nascent stage of growth, its quite crucial for the founders to be patient and visionary.

As our CEO always says, “ If there’s a problem, there has to be a solution, you just need to find it”

Founders Mayur and Shrirang(L to R)

We as a team look at blockchain to develop so rapidly and be used in all aspects of product development, even IOT could be outspaced with the rapid development of Blockchain. The team wishes to bring all the financial services to the crypto masses in a very secured environment and also to promote the blockchain ecosystem for financial transactions thus saving corruption using blockchain and let the economy grow to its worth.

To know about the team or project details, you can always check our website or visit one of our chat channels.


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BTCC Founder- KIran at Dubai event
with the team