AYKON City Dubai Investment

EC1 Investments have teamed up with DAMAC Properties, one of the largest property developers in the UAE, to introduce Dubai’s most exciting and prestigious property investment developments.

Overlooking the Dubai Canal and situated on the famous Shaikh Zayed Road, “AYKON City” is expected to be completed by 2021 and will consist of 6 iconic towers that reflect the world-renowned DAMAC Properties luxurious, elite standard.

Dubai property investments come with freehold title and are among the most popular with investors all over the globe.

Once completed, there will be six towers in total all connected via a central podium whereby residents can meet and relax, or even go shopping.

AYKON City Investment by EC1 Investments

For further information and prices please visit: http://ec1investments.co.uk/investments/aykon-city-investment/