I became a runner

I used to be convinced that I would never be a runner. I liked other forms of exercise but running just seemed too hard and too challenging. To get back in shape after my first son was born I was out walking and I started to include just a little bit of running, 60 seconds at a time. The length increased and after a while I ran 10–15 minutes. I did not like it, but I started to like what I experienced after running: I came back to my baby with a lot of new energy and I was relaxed. Therefore I continued running. I began to look for company to make the running easier and more enjoyable. With a simple Google search I found Runday! Runday is a running community that organizes free weekly running classes including running technique training. I was super inspired! I had never practised any technique training and I had never before in my life run intervals. Suddenly I had two important components in place: continuity and quality. Now things started to happen! Running became enjoyable. I found flow and I started to run much faster. I became a runner.

Now running is an important part of my life. I am healthier, stronger and happier. What I am also very happy about is that both my children love to run with me. I hope in their lives they will find the same love I did.

Also Runday is an important part of my life. Since September 2015 I am very proud to be part of the Runday crew.




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