OPUS Sprint Update

As always, we encourage our community to test our beta, available for web here, for iOS here, and Android here; and to let us know of any bugs using our bug reporting tool, available here.

This last sprint went on over the past two weeks, from August 13th to August 27th. In total, we closed all 9 issues that we set out to fix over this sprint. These are:

  • Login via social media.
  • Playlist details.
  • Explore — fit to design.
  • Add padding to playlist menu.
  • Creating new, private playlists.
  • Getting rid of various unnecessary requests.
  • Deleting wallets.
  • Implement design on artist page.
  • Remove ‘add member’ button on artist page.

We are in the process of testing these fixes as well as starting on the next sprint, which will run until September 10th.

Be sure to look out for our next sprint update in two weeks!