The last Swiss stock with value: Givaudan

Obermatt CEO Dr Hermann J. Stern writes about his latest European stock picking activity

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The Swiss Top-10 combined list of the SMI has only one stock: Givaudan.

How is that possible?

Well, It is because Switzerland is expensive and Obermatt only allows companies on its Top-10 lists that have ranks above 50. As a result, we sometimes have less than 10 stocks that meet these criteria.

Out of the 20 SMI companies, only Givaudan has a combined rank that meets the 50 rank threshold. All the other Swiss stocks are too expensive to make it to the Top-10 list. That leaves me with just one stock to buy, which I am doing it for the simple reason that I want one more Swiss stock in my portfolio.

See Givaudan on the current Combined Investment Strategy Top-10 list: October 7, 2016; Swiss Market Index SMI, Switzerland.

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