Lévis, a city to discover

A well-known killer will forever be remembered by the residents of Lévis. The Terrasse de Lévis is built on a very uncommon site. Which founder of the Davie Shipyard lost his life in a tragic way? Are you intrigued? Do you want to discover more about it?

Swipecity is where it’s at!

Swipecity allows you to explore the city in a new way, off the beaten track, and to discover surprising anecdotes about your surroundings.

Don’t worry though, the stories published on Swipecity are not all as gruesome. Stroll around in Lévis with the smartphone app and you will discover one of the most beautiful panorama you have ever witnessed in your life, including: heritage buildings, unique neighbourhoods, and hills… lots of hills.

You will laugh. You will be scared. You might even cry if you are in touch with your emotions.

Ready for a walk in Lévis?

Screenshots of Swipecity app available on Android and iPhone

Number of routes : 2

Route In the heart of Old-Lévis

Number of stations : 15

Distance - time : 4 km |60 min

Language : English, French

Route Let’s dicover Lauzon

Number of stations : 7

Distance - time : 1 km |20 min

Language : English, French

Swipecity allows travelers to unlock geo-tagged numerical content related to culture and street art. Local organisms have access to a management web portal where they can determine where, when and how their content will be broadcasted. Afterwards, users of the Swipecity app will be able to interact with close by geo-tagged content, in an experience similar to a scavenger-hunt. Available in Quebec, Levis, Montreal and Paris.