The unusual stories of Quebec city

Which movie scene was shot on Place-Royale? Which paranormal mystery lives inside of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity? How did a cannonball manage to land in between the roots of a tree? Which Quebec resident inspired the character of the Little Prince?

You will find the answers to all these questions and more on the Swipecity app. With more than 400 years of history, the City of Quebec has countless stories to tell.

On Swipecity, you will gain access to exclusive content which will allow you to look at the city whimsically and with fresh eyes.

Follow the predetermined routes in the Old Quebec and on the Plains of Abraham to discover rare, forgotten and well-kept secrets and anecdotes about the city.

Screenshots of Swipecity app available on Android and iPhone

Number of routes: 3

Route Within the walls of the Old-Quebec

Number of stations: 19

Distance |Duration : 2 km |45 minutes

Language: French, English

Route Stroll on the Plains

Number of stations :11

Distance | Duration: 2 km |35 minutes

Language: French, English

Ferry Quebec City to Levis

Distance | Duration: 1 km | 12 minutes

Swipecity allows travelers to unlock geo-tagged numerical content related to culture and street art. Local organisms have access to a management web portal where they can determine where, when and how their content will be broadcasted. Afterwards, users of the Swipecity app will be able to interact with close by geo-tagged content, in an experience similar to a scavenger-hunt.