Why I think men should say why they like women more.

I feel like straight men don’t openly admit they like women enough. It feels like the debate on gender and equality is quite intense (at the moment) and men don’t really know what to say without risking offense.

“What are we supposed to say?!” That’s what it feels like. Well, usually nothing is said, we avoid the topic if we’re leaning into the path of least resistance.

If you’re a boy in your 20s, and you’re straight you most probably adore women. Like, it’s on your mind 90% of the time, maybe 95%. I think that’s ok.

I love women — properly. I love the unique qualities they bring.

For me the love and the tenderness and the curves of the mind and body and the quietly powerful disposition. Not bolshy, but considered. The care and the empathy that exudes them. The love. The passion. From the inside, and out. You could probably write 100 poems. The best are living works of art. Depth is everything.

Men can have all these qualities too, yes. But all I’m saying is that these are the qualities I think women do really well.

I like the idea of balance. Women balance men out, and men balance women out. Yes there are fights, and we don’t always agree with each other but we really need each other in the end. We’re better together.

(If we forget about sexual orientation just for a minute and just think in terms of two people coming together. ANY combination of genders. It’s still a balancing mechanism at work.)

All I’m saying is that I think it’s important that we openly communicate how we feel about the particular gender(s) that we associate ourselves with.

Because at the moment I think men are a little scared. Let’s say what we love about women more, and if anything isn’t quite right then feel free to correct us. Yes, we have a lot to learn, but shouldn’t we at least try?

I would encourage appreciation & honesty, even if it is said and done… fumbling, slow and awkwardly.

Because if there’s love behind it, what matters?

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