We celebrate the end of Obamacare

Donald Trump, happy, like we are.

Dear Americans, how do you say that in your language?

Karma is a bitch.

A billion Muslims in the world do not support terrorism, but you do. Islamic extremism would be a thing of the past, if you hadn’t been sending weapons and money to the most extremist regime in the world for decades. Those people who harboured Bin Laden? You gave them their weapons too in your little pissing contest with the Soviet Union. We have not forgotten.

Nor have we forgotten that our friends died in your illegal war in Iraq, the same war that brought Islamic extremists to the Levant. Or our innocent women and children, who were killed by bombs from your unmanned airplanes, on missions to take out ‘alleged’ terrorists. And you call men who blow themselves up cowards.

We understand that your lives are more important than ours.

You want our oil and when, as a result of climate change, God brings less rain every year, you laugh. You deny it exists, or you say it’s not your fault, that you can’t help it. And then you open a new coal mine.

Don’t say it’s not you, because you are a democracy and that doesn’t only mean that your government should answer to you, it also means that you should answer for your government.

Fortunately, we’re not like you. We do not avenge our people ourselves, because we do not believe that you should kill people.

But don’t blame us for celebrating when we see that you also don’t really give a shit about each other. Don’t blame us for laughing when the people you’ve elected make laws that kill more of you than ISIS ever could.

There’s a saying in our world:

Every country gets the leader that it deserves.

Guess what? You never deserved Obama. You deserve Donald Trump. You deserve your Republicans.

You’ve elected them, so if they take the money from your poor and give it to your rich, you deserve it. If climate change brings you another Katrina, you’ve earned it. When the next idiot walks into a mall with an automatic weapon, you had it coming.

I only pray that idiot won’t be a Muslim, because I know you’ll make our people pay the price.

In the meantime, I hope that your Senate finishes what Mr Paul Ryan started, and takes away your healthcare. Arabs know what it feels like to lose a family member because of decisions made in Washington. It’s only fair to let the people in Alabama, Arkansas and Kentucky know it too.