Are you fed up of freaking out every time you get notification that you are overdrawn with the bank?

Try turning that negative energy around…

Imagine the (-) is a (+)

So instead of seeing it as £1029.43 overdrawn you see it as being £1029.43 in credit.

Go one step further and do a happy dance whilst singing “I’ve got £1029.43 whoop whoop”

Changing the energy towards your bank balance means that you are more likely to be in a resourceful state of mind to do something about it.

If, however this has been going on for some time and you would really like to do something about it now, have a look at my brand new Tap Away Money Blocks Online Program (I only finished recording it last Thursday!)

You can find out all the details here:

This program offers 5 hours of workshop style modules, going into depth with your relationship to Debt, Savings, Income, Financial Goals and Painful Money.

It is also supported by a closed Facebook Group where you can ask for clarity over any of the materials or for general feedback and encouragement.

Up until this Friday at 5pm 31st March 2017, if you invest in this program by the cut off date and time I am also offering a free 1:1 “Releasing Your Money Blocks” session with me.

During this session, with my help and guidance you will:

· Create a crystal clear vision for prosperity and wealth

· Uncover the hidden challenges that could be sabotaging your success with creating a wealth mindset

· Leave the session renewed, re-energised and inspired to take action towards clearing your debt, making regular savings, increasing your income or making positive changes towards creating wealth

I have deliberately kept this program to a low investment of £97 because I am passionate about the changes that Tapping Away Money Blocks can have, but also understand that so often “money” can be the issue as to why we don’t invest in clearing these blocks.

However, and I speak from my own experience here, there’s this big problem with money blocks, because we have these blocks that are affecting our ability to reach our full potential but then we tell ourselves that resolving the problem, getting help is going to cost too much.

And so we do nothing and the problem remains and we tell ourselves that we have this money block but that it is going to cost too much to resolve it and so we do nothing, and so on and so on.

Maybe the question that needs asking is how much is it costing you to do nothing? (And I’m not just talking in monetary terms here.)

The program has only just started but here is feedback from one participant who has just completed Module One

“YAY! Just did Module One and it was AMAZING!!!

Thank you Jane.

I changed the words a little, as I feel that my blocks are more about my general beliefs about money and my fears / concerns about earning money — thereby blocking earning anything of significance (also about savings, pensions and investments)

I was able to reduce my emotional intensity to under a five and I’m SO happy that I’ve opened up to the possibility of being able to feel a sense of freedom and joy when it comes to money — how I relate to it and how it relates to me.”

To join this program follow the link below:

VIP Upgrade also available.