Can’t Manifest Your Dream Life? Here’s What Might Be The Problem

How can this be happening again?

After all the time and money you have invested in learning how to do this or how to do that for your business, you’re back in that place, feeling stuck and frustrated.

Stuck and frustrated because no matter what you do.

No matter how passionate you are about your business.

No matter how clear your goals are.

You always end up in this same place, feeling stuck.

Feeling stuck sucks

Stuck because you can’t seem to clear this debt or make more than enough money to just get by.

Stuck because you can’t quite overcome your fear of being more visible online, because even when you do show up on FB lives you look awkward and can’t seem to get your words out in a coherent way.

Stuck because those procrastinating behaviours are showing up again.

Stuck because ……………

So many reasons why you are stuck and your dreams have come to a standstill.


Because you haven’t figured out what your blocks are, or even if you have you don’t have a clue how to release them.

Because you are blaming the source of your blocks on what is happening outside of you and your giving all your power away.

Because this whole working in alignment thing has you baffled.

Because you don’t really believe that you are the conscious creator of your own reality.

Because you’re too scared to look within, to go deep into the roots of what is really going on.

Because clearing all resistance might mean that you actually become wildly successful.


Now hold on just a minute, isn’t that the whole point of becoming an entrepreneur, of working for yourself?

To become wildly successful?

And now you’re suggesting that I don’t actually want that!

Here’s the thing.

Your unconscious mind is taking over here.

Your unconscious mind, ego, inner child, whatever you want to call it, is terrified and until you find out what the issue is, until you find a way to release it, you are always going to come back to that place of feeling stuck and frustrated.

Because your unconscious mind, ego or inner child, doesn’t want you to be successful, doesn’t want you to take the risk of making a complete fool of yourself.

Now What?

Just for a moment, imagine what if you could go deep within yourself to release those blocks and what if, it wasn’t too painful or difficult.

What if you could look at some of the challenging times in your life and release the emotional intensity around them?

And then what if,

once they were released you were filled with a huge sense of peace and love and freedom

and whatever it was that held you back has just evaporated

and suddenly your dream, your vision comes alive again and you believe that anything is possible

because you feel like anything is possible

And something has shifted, its hard to describe what has really happen but you just feel different

And creative

And productive

And happy

And free.

This is what it can feel like to be in alignment with your soul.

And yes sometimes we need to go to those dark, scary places to release the resistance.

But we don’t have to stay there too long, just long enough to let it go, to dissolve the blocks.

Which is why when you work with me I offer an intensively supportive package so that you don’t stay stuck in the dark, scary places for too long.

With unlimited messenger support in between 1:1 sessions, I am able to guide you back to safely releasing and letting go, getting you back to that place of love and acceptance for yourself and operating from SOULIGNMENT™

If you would like to explore working with me on whatever issue has you stuck, then email me and let’s start talking.