What’s the biggest thing 2016 has taught you?

My biggest lesson this year has been around releasing the grip of desperation for something to happen.

It’s a lesson the Universe has been presenting me with time and time again for many years now.

Let me show you a few examples.

After being single for some 10 years and many nightmarish online dating encounters, in January 2011, I decided to give up on dating and just embrace being single and enjoying life however it presented itself.

One month later I met my future husband. And four months later we were a couple.

Having finally met the man of my dreams, I was desperate to get married. I kept dropping subtle hints and not so subtle hints. But he was having none of it, he didn’t believe in marriage, or so he would say. I realised then that actually I was missing out on the joy of just being in the moment. And so in February 2015 I made a conscious decision to let go of my obsession with getting married.

In November 2015 Gary surprised me with an engagement ring on my 50th birthday and a surprise wedding in Bali 2 and bit weeks later.

But these are not the only examples. There have been many such dramatic manifestations once I have consciously made a decision to let go.

This week I was again reminded as I awoke at 3:30am gripped by the realisation that the reason I am not attracting enough clients is because I don’t have a sales funnel and my website is inferior……………………….ENOUGH!!!………..Time to cut the Bulls**t.

It’s none of those reasons. The painful truth of it is that I have been holding on so desperately to some very limiting stories:

“I have to make this business work to prove I am not a failure”

“I have to be turning a profit before the year is up or else I’ll have to get a job”

“I can’t take any time off from my business until I get out of debt”

I could go on but I’m getting bored of hearing those same old stories over and over again.

On Thursday morning I set the intention to really think about how it would be if I had a stream of clients all wanting to work with me, if I had a steady flow of money coming to me………..

How would I be showing up? How would I be acting? How would I be feeling? What would I be thinking?

And I actively challenged myself during the day, catching any thoughts that were not in alignment with my “imagined” reality.

And what happened? Apart from feeling freer, happier and lighter playing this new game, I had an unexpected flow of money come to me within a matter of hours and the next day the opportunity for working collaboratively with a friend on a very exciting new project.

Woo hoo!!!

What is really frustrating about this is that knowing about the change of mindset stuff, is nothing new to me. I have been reading and practising the Law of Attraction on and off for years.

But you know what?

I think the penny has finally dropped.

Thank you Universe for providing me with the opportunity of learning this lesson for the last time.

So what is your biggest lesson for 2016?

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