Chainges survey results

The idea of our world-class industry conference is that the community has shaped this event. That concept was born after visiting a lot of meetups and conferences. “I have decided to meet with local communities and get to know people who are developing this technology. After visiting a lot of meetups, I saw a big disparity between fin-tech conferences and the blockchain ones.” said Matthias, CEO of Chainges. Chainges started by asking about goals, needs and what community really cares about. “There is no them or we existing as separate. It is all about us. This is the reason the survey website has been created, to ensure that all of us find what we are looking for.” said Matthias. The survey helped with determining what the community desires to learn and want to be a part of.

The answer to the survey exceeded all expectations — over 3,000 responses from people around the world. Curious about the results?

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