Inside the network — Australia, Austria & Argentina biggest blockchain meetups

We run Inside the network project because it is really interesting how the work at the grass roots in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry looks like. The early stage industry looks just phenomenal. I have mentioned in the introduction that within the next 2 months we will higlight local meetups from 61 countries. Today we focus on Austria, Australia and Argentina.


There is a lot of local events in Australia for any blockchain professionals and for anyone interested in learning about blockchain.

Data from (7/10/2017)

5 Largest Blockchain&Bitcoin Meetups in Australia:

Blockchain Melbourne in Melbourne— 2230 members

SydEthereum in Sydney — 1900 Ethereans

Blockchain Professionals Sydney in Sydney — 1,800 Blockchain Professionals

Blockchain Centre in Melbourne — 1,799 Blockchainers

BitcoinSYD in Sydney — 1,279 Bitcoiners


Austria discusses how the Blockchain technology is changing the world.

Data from (7/10/2017)

5 Largest Blockchain&Bitcoin Meetups in Austria:

Bitcoin Austria in Vienna — 1,414 Bitcoiners

Ethereum Vienna in Vienna — 1,237 Etherialists

Blockchain Vienna Meetup — “Blockchainers” in Vienna — 525 Blockchainers

BlockchainHub Graz in Graz — 304 Blockchainers

Wien Legal Tech Meetup, FutureLaw in Vienna — 287 Mitglieder


South America is involved into blockchain development as well.

Data from (7/10/2017)

5 Largest Blockchain&Bitcoin Meetups in Argentina:

Bitcoin Argentina in Buenos Aires — 4,319 Bitcoiners

Hyperledger Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires — 341 Members

Smart Contracts AR (ex. Ethereum Argentina) in Buenos Aires — 246 peers

BitShares Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires— 218 BitSharians

Giras Bitcoiner in Buenos Aires — 127 Bitcoineros/as

Illustrations contain data from this meetup page. The key world, “we’re about: blockchain”. That’s why there are a few missing intiatives. However the list of 5 largest Blockchain&Bitcoin meetups contain “we’re about: bitcoin” as well.