There is No More Encryption Debate: Backdoors Threaten the Whole World
Daniel Jeffries

This is a great explanation for why backdoors in encryption are a bad thing. I agree that the US’s priorities are a little off, but I disagree with the statement that you aren’t likely to be killed in a terrorist attack. You seemed to undermine the urgency of addressing terrorism.

If Spider George eats about 7 billion spiders per year, then the average human eats one spider per year. He’s an outlier.

Similarly, there is no chance I would be killed by a Muslim terrorist in my small American town of 10.000. In London, an attack is much more likely. I was in the Borough Market last month in London, and two days after that, while I was still in the country, Muslims came in and stabbed people there. If you like walking in downtown London, there is a relatively high chance of being killed by terrorists compared to my hometown.

Overall, great essay!

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