The Daily ZEITBITE: Office Calories

Brad Grossman
Mar 4 · 2 min read

Workplace WednesdaysFebruary 13th, 2019

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Work May Be Hurting Your Waistline …

  • A new study by the Centers for Disease Control finds that not only is it common for us to get food at work, but that the food we eat while in the office is “high in empty calories, sodium, and refined grains, and low in whole grains and fruit.” Respondents averaged 1,080 food calories at work in a given week, with soda, sandwiches, chips, donuts and pastries making up more than a third of those calories.
  • In the Healthy Eating Index, the USDA’s measure for nutritional quality, workplace food scores a 48 — the same as Wendy’s.
  • If you or your workplace swapped out potato chips for cauliflower puffs, you may not be helping the problem. Even the so-called health snacks tend to pack similar fat and calorie content to the unhealthy options they aim to replace. A good rule of thumb: no processed or packaged food (think apples instead of apple chips) tends to be good for you.

The Must-Have Conversation

To keep employees healthier, more companies are working to be conscientious about the food options they make available. Helping those efforts are measures like the WELL Building Standard, which has criteria across seven categories — air, comfort, fitness, light, mind, water and nourishment — meant to promote workplaces that are better for people’s wellbeing.

The way we work can also make us more aware of our food choices. It’s common now for folks to eat lunch in front of their computer, but doing so makes us less aware of what we’re eating. That makes us feel less full and more prone to snack later. Companies themselves can get stricter about requiring employees to take a dedicated time to eat so they can make healthier choices than they would just grabbing something fast and convenient.

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