Internet — A double-edged sword in gambling industry

Gambling is one activity over the years that has attracted a vast number of users. Yearly, the gambling industry keeps getting a return spanning in billions of dollars. Gambling has changed as we know it.

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Why do Landed Casinos want to Go Online?

In the past, gambling has only legally come from Casinos, where bettors came to a building to play various games and bet their money on the games. Gambling was seen as a game played in a sole location, then the epoch of the internet came. Gambling, no longer, was fixed to a landed location, but could now be played on the internet from anywhere, even the toilet. It gave land-based casinos a run for their money.

Currently, a lot of land-based casinos have the urge to go online to easily reap the benefits of using the world of internet. It is not surprised that the number of those currently preferring the world of online gambling continues to rise. Since gamblers and punters now derive joy sitting from the comfort of their homes, or betting from anywhere in the world and anytime they wish. they derive enhances the feeling of online gambling.

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Challenges That Stop Them From Going Online

People often ask “Why the land-based casinos don’t going? It’s easy!” Yeah, it might be easy for any other industries like ecommerce, food service & even financial service. However, you can never imagine the difficulties of getting online in the gambling industry.

Ways To Go Online

Going online for a casino can be done using two means:

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1: Develop by yourself

The traditional way, which is unattractive because of the cost, time, efforts that will be expended is to do all the things themselves. To achieve this, they will need to build the software. Building a software takes time and runs into millions. The software has to be run on alpha and beta tests which take more money and time.

After getting sent to third parties for a lab test, then the process of getting the remote license begins. Though landed casinos in the UK already have license issued by UK Gambling Commission, there is still the need for them to obtain one more license- the Remote license in order to operate. Getting a remote license takes years. You can’t just walk into an office, and walk out of the office with the license. The bureaucracy involved has lengthened the process. Apart from the time, the casino has to think of parting with millions of dollars in the team’s salary to get the license.

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2: Pay for a licensed gambling service provider

Top name like Playtech & Everymatrix. They can provide a full solution to land-based casino under their white label., but the fact is, not many of the traditional casinos willing to take the risk from investing million of dollar.

So here is the chance for GlobeCas to have mutual benefit by providing our technology, license and our token GCT to help these land-based casinos take back their market share in a much affordable way.

This means of going online can be time efficient. GlobeCas also solve the price & technical issue at the same time.


Though a lot of issues plague land-based casinos that are going online, Globecas has crafted a means of solving the problems and can easily aid a casino’s transit and make it effortless.

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