Why so many ICOs burn their unsold token?

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GlobeCas ICO project is running now and our token, GCT pre-sale will start in 3-July — 14-August, 2018. ICO investors often ask a question “What should you do to unsold token? Keep or Burn?”

It seems to be a good idea to drive the token price by reducing the initial supply. However, we have a better planning to benefit to all GCT contributors in a better way.

GCT is a utility token use in our gaming platform, as shown on our website. 45% of the token will be sale in ICO. Others will be the casino bank reserve, team token & bounty award.

Burning the unsold tokens became a normal practice in ICO projects which means contributors in the crowdsale will be diluted by this act. Unless all tokens are sold, otherwise contributors suffer from the dilution of shares. For example, there are 100 tokens issued and the owner holds 50% i.e. 50 tokens, investors bought 30 token and 20 unsold tokens have been burned. The percentage of owner vs investors is 62.5% vs 37.5%. The sad fact is the smaller the investment, the larger the suffer.

Keep the unsold tokens is even worse. It is because the project holder can resell it in the market afterward and this will cost negative effect to the tokens’ price.

The best way to handle unsold tokens is to “Airdrop” them. The “Airdrop” here does not mean to give away the tokens as an airdrop bounty, but to transfer the unsold tokens to the crowdsale contributors according to the percentage of the purchase. As the example mentioned above, “Airdrop” will let the contributors acquire the 20 unsold tokens back proportionally. By this mean, no matter the size of your investment, you will have the same value of token at the end of the ICO.

The innovation of blockchain gives us a golden chance to create a better world with fairness & transparency in the industry. ICO supporters are supposed to bring a world-changing application/project to live & share the success, but not fool by ICO projects from the hidden trick in this market.

The 1st round pre-sales investors not only protected the “Airdrop” policy of unsold GlobeCas Token, but they can also enjoy presale bonus is up to 35%.

Register in www.globecas.com to enjoy the juicy bonus.

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