Seven Newsletters you need in your Creative Inbox

Calling all creatives! This week I am sharing my top seven must have newsletters you need in your inbox, so grab a cuppa and get comfy!

Today I wanted to share a selection of recommended newsletters by designers, developers and other creative professionals. They are all superb plus they continuously offer me inspiration and motivation plus you will find them packed with super useful tips and insights about developing on your journey. Each month I look forward to these arriving in my inbox and I hope you sign up and enjoy them too! So let’s get started…

Let’s kick things off with a selection of design newsletters, I have found these to cover so many key aspects of developing in the creative industry. These look at everything from branding, design tips, resources, overcoming mental barriers and so much more.

1.) Authentik — Building an Honest Brand

A spectacular site run by Brian Gardner founder of StudioPress and NoSidebar, he offers valuable insight on his own journey as an entrepreneur. I only recently stumbled across this little gem and I can honestly say that in the few posts I have read, I can tell Gardner has a passion for helping other creatives and entrepreneurs along the way, coupled with motivation and a focus on you. Not only that his posts make superb relaxing reading, lots of engaging stories and he truly speaks from the heart. The Authentik Newsletter is the perfect way to build a brand of integrity and learn some tools of the trade from this truly inspirational individual.

2.) Riley Jones Design — Creative Bit

I met Riley through the designership and he one F R E S H designer! He shows so much dedication to the creative industry and delivers a superb newsletter, this includes a round-up of top news and articles, tips for working with clients and some great advice on those road blocks we hit during our design journey. Riley also offers truly valuable advice on brand development, his work visually demonstrates the care and attention he puts into communicating a brand and his newsletter is a must-have in your inbox, you won’t be disappointed.

3.) — Designers & Entrepeneurs

I have been so very lucky to connect with Michael Wong through his creation of the designership platform. Director of Mizko Media and freelance UX/UI product designer, Michael has an incredible depth of knowledge to share with fellow creatives. His newsletter focuses on developing your journey as both an entrepreneur and creative, in recent additions Michael has talked about how retrospectives helped him grow, learning to say no when the workload is full and gets stuck in with current trends and debates including cryptocurrency. I truly look forward to his newsletter arriving in my inbox, it often gives me a motivational boost, they are positive, uplifting and insightful and have certainly helped me find direction and focus on my journey.

4.) Luis Ouriach — Lines Written

Luis is a designer, coder and strategist who offers superb articles that spark conversation through his newsletter, a bubbly and creative individual that loves to write and discuss some unique topics that expand our thinking. He covers a wide variety of subjects that relate to all aspects of working in the creative industry, recent articles have included “Staying sane, software vs the world; the media crash” and “Marketing and art, tech generations sticking to habits” I highly recommend this newsletter due to its high variety of topics and solid conversation starters, grab a coffee and sign up you are in for a top read!

Newsletters for the code lovers…

I also have a small selection of newsletters for the developers and coders out there, these are great at keeping you up to date with all the latest news in front-end and back-end development CSS, HTML and so much more! They also feature some great tutorials and articles from around the web.

5.) Front-end Focus

This is a fantastic resource for front-end developers it features A once–weekly roundup of the best front-end news, articles and tutorials. HTML, CSS, WebGL, Canvas, browser tech, and more. Each issue features a variety of news topics, tutorials and even job opportunities. The latest edition includes “Making HTML responsive with a single line of CSS” and “Design system and CSS Grid”, many developers have found this newsletter to be highly valuable for developing those coding skills and providing super useful tools that can seriously improve your productivity.

6.) WDRL by Anselm Hannemann

A good all-rounder for developers here with Anselm Hannemann’s newsletter, he is a talented front-end developer and photographer who has a passion for society and the environment. Hannemann specialises in writing scalable CSS, maintainable code and performance optimisation. He has written articles for smashing magazine and his newsletter Web Development Reading List has been carefully designed to motivate, encourage and share knowledge to help improve the state of the industry.

7.) Web Design Weekly

Finally, we have Web Design Weekly, this newsletter is fully loaded with articles, discussions, tools, resources, tutorials, jobs and even sources of inspiration. Much like front-end focus, it provides a little of everything for a range of developers at any skill level. One thing that keeps me subscribed to a newsletter is knowing it will contain things that I can use to boost my skills each week. If you want to learn as well as be clued up on all the latest web developer news then this is a must-have in your inbox.

So that’s it! My seven highly recommended newsletters designed to keep you motivated on your creative journey. I’m frequently hunting out top newsletters to sign up to and will be creating more posts just like this one. If you have a newsletter you feel is a shining beacon for designers then get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

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I’m a freelance graphic designer with a passion for helping others follow that creative path.

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I’m a freelance graphic designer with a passion for helping others follow that creative path.