Goal: To use Natural Language Processing to analyze earning call transcripts and consequent ticker quarter growth to predict performance as compared to respective index. This analysis can be added to pre-existing stock analysis.

Earnings Call

Earnings call is a conference call between the management of a public company, analysts, investors, and the media to discuss the company’s financial results during a given reporting period, such as a quarter or a fiscal year. An earnings call is usually preceded by an earnings report. This contains summary information on financial performance for the period. Additionally, by SEC law, Officials are not allowed to lie…

Financial Modeling Prep has a suite of APIs to enable you to access the most valuable financial data out there. But what is an API and how does it work? Simply, an API is a gateway for people to send and receive data over the internet. FMP has free stock APIs, Financial Statement APIs, and many more. In this article, we cover:

  1. What is an API?
  2. How do you make your first FMP API request with Python?

What is an API?

The commonly used abbreviation API stands for Application Programming Interface but what does that really mean. Simply put, API’s are a way for…

Financial Modelling Prep provides a free stock API, financial statement API, and lots more valuable financial data. Before you can start taking advantage of our service you must first set up the environment where you are going to write your code. In this guide, we will explain exactly how to do this:

  1. Download and Install Anaconda
  2. Launch Jupyter Lab and Create Your Folders
  3. Launch a Notebook and Start Coding!

Step 1: Download and install Anaconda

Anaconda is one of the leading python and data science platforms. It enables you to be able to have your own Jupyter Notebook style environment to write your code and run…

Companies (when they operate nationally/internationally) attract investors to invest in their shares to provide them with a long-term benefit. The process of convincing the investors occurs by giving them thorough information of the company’s tactics embedded in a financial statement. The financial statements comprise a thoroughly analyzed set of cash flow, income statement, and balance sheet statement to provide investors with an in-depth snapshot of business position in the current market and on which infrastructure the company’s finance is standing. …

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Disclaimer: This article has been produced using publicly available content for educational purposes only and does not constitute trading advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any financial instrument.

Currency Pair

All exchange rates are made in relation to a currency pair. It is the valuation of one currency against another. For example, the Canadian Dollar and British Pound form into the CAD/GBP. The first currency is the base currency, and the second is the quote currency.

If the CAD/GBP exchange rate is 0.57 then this means that 1 Canadian Dollar is ‘worth’ 0.57 British Pounds. On the flipside, if the…

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It’s 2021 and if you haven’t heard of Bitcoin then you probably live under a rock. Bitcoin was the world’s first fully digital currency now known as a cryptocurrency. It began life as a whitepaper that described a technology called Blockchain that has begun to change the way transactions are conducted. So how exactly did Bitcoin begin? When was the first transaction? How does it work and, if you so desire, how can you buy this now precious digital currency? In this article, we will explore the following:

  1. When did Bitcoin Begin?
  2. How does Bitcoin work?
  3. How do I buy…

Throughout this series about indexes we’ve explained what indexes are and why they are important. We then went in depth about the S&P 500, the NASDAQ 100, and the Dow Jones. But what about the Russell 3000, the FTSE 100, or the SSE Composite? There are also many unknown stock market indices that have been created to track niche industries to provide a unique opportunity to invest in a niche that you believe in. In this article, we will give you the TL; DR on some of these indices and provide you with the knowledge to find other indices.

  1. Russell…

The S&P 500, the NASDAQ composite, the Dow Jones… It’s impossible to have lived a life on this Earth and not heard these names come up in the news. So what are these strangely named things. They are examples of stock market indexes. A tool used to track the stock price performance of a large market or narrow industry. This is the first in a series of articles that aims to demystify this concept so you can understand how to use indexes in your investment decisions. In this article we cover:

  1. What a Financial Index is?
  2. How does an index…

Disclaimer : Any recommendation is based on the analysis described and is given to illustrate this method of picking stocks. Financial Modeling Prep and their writers won’t be responsible for your profit or loss

Putting money into the stock market is a great way to grow your money. There are numerous methods to analyze and invest in stocks. There is no standard procedure to go about picking stocks and it’s a highly subjective art. Everyone has their own unique philosophy. It’s good to understand the basics and then develop your own strategies. …

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In 1930, the DuPont corporation aimed to find a platform that could provide a detailed assessment of any company’s profitability. The model they developed is aptly termed DuPont analysis; it helps you avoid distracting evaluations of any company’s probability. The basic ROE (Return on Equity) formula is widely employed to deal with the nuances of the company’s assessment. However, this formula can be misleading as it does not break down the different components of ROE. DuPont Analysis aims to distill ROE into its core components and hence allow analysts to better assess potential ROE. …

Financial Modeling Prep

FMP cloud provides the most up-to-date financial statements and market data, and guidance to use them.

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