Netezza — It Just Works!

Five or ten years ago if you asked me what Netezza was, I’d say it looks like a skinny refrigerator; a data warehouse in a box that’s fast, easy to administer, and just works. Plug and play meets big data. A DBA’s dream system that gave unprecedented high speeds with little to no tuning, partitioning, or indexing.

Fast forward to today.

Netezza Performance Server (NPS) is still that easy-to-use enterprise data warehouse that just works, but now it’s so much more. It has evolved to conform to the changing needs of the consumers that have loved it for years and years.

Everyone else is going to the cloud… why should NPS be any different? Now that amazing data warehouse that is as simple as “load and go” is now available on the cloud as a fully managed service. So, what does this mean? Well, this changes the game in a variety of ways. Obviously, it allows for the flexibility to deploy NPS in the cloud. However, it’s also lot more than that. Without knowing it, you’re now cloud ready.

You heard that right. If you are a current Mako or NPS for Cloud Pak for Data System customer, you are now ready for the cloud. Netezza Performance Server as a Service (NPSaaS) gives you an easy, risk-free journey to the cloud. This isn’t an implementation project, it’s a restore and repoint. Netezza made everything else easy, why should it be any different with going to the cloud? Some clients are spending 18–24 months to migrate to a cloud database — imagine doing it in a fraction of that time.

Don’t let your data capacity and processing needs be assigned to a t-shirt size. With NPSaaS and its granular elastic scaling feature, you only pay for what you need, when you need it. Granular elastic scaling means decoupling compute and storage. If you need more compute or storage resources, then you throttle them up. If you need less compute, then you can throttle it down keeping your storage size unchanged. I imagine you wish you had that option five or ten years ago!

Another great advantage of NPS is its flexible deployment options that allow you to be truly hybrid. What does hybrid really mean? Well in this case, it means you can have a mixed environment of NPS on prem or on cloud. Image production is in your data center and now development or DR is in the cloud. You can select any permutation you can imagine.

In short, Netezza is here to stay and here for your data warehouse needs going forward. Whether you’re looking to refresh your on-prem system, migrate to the cloud or maybe a little both, Netezza will still be the easy to administer, high speed juggernaut it has always been.

Netezza is the old name you’ll remember, but Netezza Performance Server as a Service is the new and improved modernized version you won’t soon forget!

Read the latest report from Cabot Partners on the Total Value of Ownership of Netezza and compare the benefits of Netezza vs Snowflake:

  • NPSaaS is up to 78% faster than Snowflake
  • Save up to 47% on licensing costs compared to Snowflake
  • Pay only for what you use with granular scaling
  • See the strength of NPSaaS Analytics-at-Scale

Watch the latest from IBM Netezza to learn more about NPSaaS! Watch Now

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