Beyond Borders

By Anthony Tintlenot

After growing up in the city of Cleveland, Ohio, I moved to California on a whim after graduating college. My life has always been full of twists and turns. I am guided by my passion for adventure. A passion that guides me down the unknown path of life, a passion that presents challenges and opportunities. Pursuing my passion has always meant that I had to work hard. And I have had to deal with my inner struggles, whether it was battling epilepsy, shyness, bone deformity, or health related issues, it was through my struggles that I developed my strengths. After years of lingering knee pain, my doctor’s told me I could no longer train to become an ultra runner. They put a border around me. A border of a life of inactivity. A bicycle can take a person beyond their perceived borders. After a brief visit with family in Central America, I found myself riding in El Salvador and Costa Rica with the local cycling communities. It was there that I saw firsthand how the bicycle is more than a toy, or piece of sporting equipment. Bicycles are a universal means of transportation.

From the moment I found out I could no longer run, I started riding my bicycle. Without a bicycle, I would have been limited to the borders of my neighborhood. However, the bicycle was more than just transportation. For me, a bicycle meant freedom, it meant I could compete in a new sport. 
Everyone has their own personal struggles or “borders”. In my experience, riding a bicycle has allowed me to find myself and provided the strength to overcome self doubt.

And I am grateful for the amazing people I meet, the places I get to see, and the fulfilling sense of accomplishment I get from completing every challenging ride. Even when I am off the bike, my passion is to promote the sport of cycling to others within my local community and abroad. I do what I love and I love what I do, thus creating and extending my passion in my non-profit