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Mar 4, 2019 · 2 min read

CR Capers Lands at Emmy Winning BRIC To Give Indie Filmmakers “The HEADS UP”

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Since opening the Harlem Film House, CR Capers has dedicated her time, energy and resources to leveling the playing field for filmmakers like herself who find themselves outside of Hollywood machine, but who have compelling narratives that can compete with any high budget flick.

After making her mark with the award winning Hip Hop Film Festival, her focus turned to expanding the opportunities of the filmmakers who were flocking to her one-of-a-kind festival from all over the world, looking for ways to be heard in an oversaturated market that could care less about filmmakers from the culture.

“The trick is helping the filmmaker meld their creative mind with their business mind.” states Capers.

With that directive in mind, CR developed “The Heads Up” workshop where she works with filmmakers individually to show them how to think outside the box when it comes to marketing and raising capital for their films.

After a year at the Harlem Film House, The Heads Up Master Cypher (don’t call it a class or workshop), has now expanded to the multiple Emmy winning network BRIC Arts Media Center in Brooklyn.

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The partnership is a first step between BRIC and CR’s award wining Hip Hop Film Festival towards a long lasting relationship as the Festival’s reach expands both domestically and internationally.

“The goal is to be able to touch our filmmakers in every place considered a ‘film desert’”, CR explains. “A “film desert” is any place where narratives are growing, but lack the means to be harvested. This partnership with BRIC is the first step of many towards changing the narrative for storytellers who look like me.”

The Heads Up Master Cypher begins at BRIC on May 8th. Click here for more information or to attend the two day session.

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