Apples Operation System fail

Some time ago I received the message that my operating system is about to be updated. At the time, I did not think anything bad, so I confirmed this process to continue. Such an update takes a maximum time of 20 to 30 minutes.

After a long time, I became suspicious. Have also restarted my PC once to cancel the process.

After the reboot was finished I was informed that I need to format my hard drive because there was an installation problem. After about 1 hour, my Mac was back up to date with the newest operating system update.

Now I am wondering why it all happened. After a bit of research I found the solution. My hard drive was completely full before I made the update.

This had the cause that the system update could not be performed. This is of course annoying because I did not have a backup of my hard drive.

After all that, one thing is for sure: From now on, every week 1 backup of the operating system and the hard drive will be made, so that something like that does not happen again.

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