Mother’s Day

I will never forget that excerpt from Kuch Kuch hota hai when Rahul aka SRK is describing how a Mom is like and he says “A mother is one who loves us so much that we sometimes can’t understand it. A mother is someone who makes us realise how good we are and that there is no one who is better than us…….” Well yes! There are highs and there are lows, but that reaffirmation that there is something that will always be a constant support in your life makes all the difference. The beauty is no matter what you do, no matter where you go, no matter how old you are, you always remain a kid for your parents. Here is a list of a few common experiences we usually share with our moms.

1. The World War over the Water bottle

This is one of the constant feuds that occur in the kitchen day in and day out. The biggest sin you could commit is drinking water from the bottle and not refilling it before you keep it back in its place. Especially if in summers if you take out a bottle from the fridge, and keep it inside without refilling it, you my friend are consciously calling for trouble. This may sound like a trivial concern, but beware it isn’t.

2. Medicine Mess

We are so accustomed to asking our moms for all those small things, that sometimes we feel lost without them. Being away from home can take a toll on you sometimes and you do get sick. You do get confused as to what you can do, what you should take to feel better.
This one is for all those untimely calls to home whether it be at the wee hours in the night, or at the crack of dawn; ones you never hesitate while making because mom’s remedy is always the best.

3. Budget Woes

This one is especially for ALL the boys in the house. Whether in station or outstation, money problems are something which almost everyone encounters. That special occasion, a crazy party, movie plans on weekends and many more have the capability to make your reserves run dry. The word broke at that point of time when you still have another week to go for the month to get over is probably worse than not being able use Reliance’s Jio Wi-Fi. 
At that point of time it is usually our Moms who come to the rescue and butter up Dads or find some other way so that we can enjoy.

4. Where are you now, that I need you

I have lost count of the number of times I have kept something in one place, and have completely forgotten about it. I guess we always have done the same, numerous number of times, from leaving our phone on the couch and then searching for it in the bedroom, to becoming Sherlock Holmes in our very own kitchen. But worst of all are the wardrobe scenes, when you just can’t find that favourite shirt or that denim skirt. All it takes is one name and our moms are there at our beck and call. The things seem to magically reappear with one touch of hers.

5. Cell phone Syndrome

I guess those two words are enough and I don’t need to elaborate on it. The biggest nuisance in the house is nowadays our mobile phones. From texting to calls to social media to games to music — it seems like our moms have a grudge against them all. For peace in the house, I think we can start sacrificing a little and get glued to the phone only when no one is around.

6. Sibling Surprises

Those intentional set up scenes, the obvious plans for paybacks and pranks. Even though they seem obvious to the siblings, Moms get caught up in these since they are supposed to be the moral police. From getting your older sister scolded for something that you imaginatively made up, to making the younger one listen to a lecture for something that she didn’t do ever. When you look back at these moments, you laugh it out on how sweet and stupid times could be.

There are so many memories that we share together. They have always tried to make sure that we are always happy and have at times succumbed to our most unreasonable demands as well. Moms are the unrivalled multitaskers and they ensure that all hardships of our life can be easily wiped away. So this Mother’s day, let’s just try to make our moms happy, not just on one particular day but every day by doing the things that matter to her. It can be just anything from spending time with her to keeping your room clean to helping her out or just hanging around and being there. It’s never too late to start. It’s always the small things that matter the most, and always remember that nothing ever goes unnoticed.

-Akriti Shah

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