Reusing resources creatively

Hassan, owner of toffee donating straps for reuse

Ever wondered what we do with resources we are no longer using?

Our aim is to make high quality products that are used for as long as possible. But what happens to resources we aren’t using, like old straps from bags? We donate these to a great local business in Marrickville called Reverse Garbage who specialise in reuse (or repurposing).

Donated resources are sorted at their warehouse and made available to the general public for creative use — or ‘reuse’ — using resources to create new items or to give items a new purpose. For example, using coat hangers to make a lampshade, wooden pallets to make furniture, or Toffee bag straps to make camera straps!

The Reverse Garbage Creative Team is made up of an incredibly talented group of artists and designers dedicated to creative reuse, repurposing and sustainability.

Approximately 35,000 cubic metres or 100 football fields worth of resources are diverted from landfill each year.

Why reuse?

Reuse makes sense as it prolongs the life of a resource. It saves the energy and materials needed to produce brand new materials; prevents otherwise useful resources going to waste/landfill; creates less air and water pollution than if it were recycled; and reduces money spent on new items and costs to dispose.

Reverse Garbage holds workshops and at venues throughout NSW. They also work with organisations throughout greater Sydney and present sustainable creative workshops. To find out more visit their website

Reverse Garbage was established in 1974 it is now an internationally recognised, award-winning environmental co-operative committed to promoting sustainability, and we’re proud to be involved!

Hassan, owner of toffee at Reverse Garbage
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