9 Ways to Detox from the Rat Race
Declan Wilson

May I humbly suggest another bonus idea?

Learn to ballroom dance.

When I felt stuck after I’d had a child, started a business and was working hard to grow my client base, and it felt like everyone needed something all the time, fate led me to the ballroom where for the first time in ages, when I took a lesson, I didn’t look at — or even think about — my email or my mobile device or anything on my to do list.

Over time, these short, 45-minute lesson increments changed my entire life, from my physical self to my outlook on leadership.

There is no better way to learn about the power of strong partnerships, where each person learns their role and does it well and then combines it with the partner to create something new. There is no better way to remind yourself of the inspirational power of continuous learning…. there is always something new to learn.

And there is music. And there are lights. And there are people being paid to dance (so a lot of them are pretty happy, which is nice to be around). And there are rhinestones.

But most of all, it is a way to detox. I spend my professional like helping people figure out where they want to go and how to get there… what a delight to learn to be a better follower.

I used to think the best ways to get unstuck were to cut my hair, rearrange my furniture or quit my job. Now, there’s little a well-timed tango — or a waltz lesson — can’t fix.

Enjoy the ride.