How to participate and buy SalesHustler tokens using MyEtherWallet

In order to participate to SalesHustler PRE-ICO and buy some tokens, you need some Ether. If you are new to cryptos and don’t have any Ethers, you can buy on any crypto exchange, one of the option to use

Once you have Ether on your account, you need to withdraw it to an external wallet. This is because you cannot participate in the ICO from an exchange wallet.

Most popular site to manage your Ether wallet is, click on “New Wallet” and then follow the instructions, to create your external wallet.

When you have your external Ether wallet, you can withdraw/send Ether to your wallet from Kraken or other crypto exchange and invest into ICO.

Funding address: 0xfDaF2cd7E527Cc812EB926Ff0a9d85Ee6d8beCbb
Amount to invest 0.1 ETH or more.
Data (important, click on +Advanced: Add Data and enter code): 0xa6f2ae3a

You will receive the SAL tokens to your account as soon as the Ethereum Network processes it!